There is a new buzz going around the world wide web and it’s all due to WordPress. WordPress is an “Open Source” software which allows it to be completely free for you to use. It can be used for any kind of personal or business website without have to pay a single cent to use it since it is built on PHP/MySQL and licensed under GPL. But not having to pay for it isn’t the only perk! Here are some great reasons to consider building your next website using WordPress!

User Friendly- You don’t really have to be an expert website programmer to use WordPress. It has a one-click easy installation and most hosting companies can provide the ability to install WordPress on your existing site. The site itself is easy to navigate and its makes adding articles/content to your website a simple task. Making changes is now something you can do on your own rather than dealing with a programmer to make costly changes.

SEO Friendly– Whenever your building a website you need to consider SEO. Search Engine Optimization is key to building your rating on the web and WordPress uses a variety functions which allow it to be search engine friendly. For example, you can add keywords into titles and tags, send ping to other sites, create categories, and tag your posts and pictures.

Themes Support– You will never run short of templates when using WordPress. If you don’t like the themes that come with the default installation of WordPress, you can find a huge library of free themes that you can download and use for your website. There are themes which can even make your website look like a regular site instead of a blog. Try looking at sites like “Elegant Themes” and “Theme Forest”.

Plugins Extend Functionality– WordPress plugins allow you to do just about anything that you want and can be installed with the click of a mouse. For example, you want to create an animated portfolio your blog posts, just look on Google and you can easily find the relevant plugin that will easily do the job for you.

Large Online Support Community– WordPress is used on more than 1% of the websites on the Internet in the world so there is a huge amount of users who need support. So, when ever you face any problems, you can go through all the available WordPress forums and communities and find answers for all your questions.