Deciding on a good brand name for your business is imperative when starting up your business. The best brand name is the one that can travel around the world easily and without any language or trade names problems. You need to choose a name which is broad enough to give your business enough room to grow and expand. And most importantly a brand name should convey you business message is an understandable and clear way.

So here are some great tips to keep in mind when naming your business or product or service.

Make it easy to spell

Ideally your name should only need to be spelt once to a new client. Names that are difficult to spell should be avoided especially when you communicate with clients. Clients may mistype when searching, emailing or worse, recommending you. Don’t frustrate your client by spelling your business name in an unusual and weird way just because the URL is available.

Make it easy to pronounce

A name that is easy to pronounce is inherently more memorable and your clients won’t feel like they are saying it wrong when they recommend you. So make your name easy to say.

Relevant domain name

Since the website element is so important for marketing and branding, make sure you can find a relevant domain name before deciding on a business name. While you don’t need anything extravagant, it should still be related and reasonably short.

Reasonably unique

The less common a brand name the better. The whole point of a brand is to stand out from the crowd and become recognizable. Before making your final decision, search for similar business names in your industry and or profession. If another business has a similar or identical name, you may want to keep looking for a more unique name for your business.

A personal name (e.g. John Smith Graphic Design)

There can be a lot of advantages of a personalized name. For instance, they are easy to come up with, personal (depending on your name), descriptive, easy to find a domain name for, memorable, and typically easy to find when Googled.