– HTML SKILLS– Which stands for “Hyper Text Mark-up Language”. Having a good understanding of HTML programming is essential for website design, and although not the easiest thing to master it becomes second nature to most experienced website designers. HTML is known for being the most fundamental of the web technologies.

– CSS – Which stands for “Cascading Style Sheets”. This gives you the ability to reduce your file sizes and loading times and will increase performance in search engines to represent your design when using CSS. Being able to manipulate CSS is certainly one of the most valuable skills in the industry.

– PHP – Which stands for “Hyper-text Preprocessor”. Is regarded as the webs number one choice for server-side languages. PHP is used throughout the internet from simple functions for using dynamic dates, and including template files right through to complete object oriented application development.

– GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILLS – If you are working as a professional graphic designer then your graphic design skills will come into play much more. Graphic design comes in at number 3 when having both sides to the coin is not only becoming profitable, but more essential.

– FLASH – Animation on the web is as popular as ever with more focus on 3D tools interactivity and compatibility. Having the skills to be able to create nice animations can certainly give your work a unique look that will sell your work to your clients. Animation and video are one of the best ways to get the attention of your users.

– SEO – Which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. With SEO, websites can gain exposure to the target audiences and out perform those that don’t. It is useless to create a beautifully designed website if no body is going to be able to find it. If your websites business model is to generate leads, enquiries or sales from the web, then you’ll soon find, that prowess in this field is worth the work.

– SERVER ADMINISTRATION – There are certainly many areas of web design that are not glamorous, but equally as important if you are to maintain a high level of service. Administering Domains, Hosting, Emails, servers, backups etc is essential for smooth website running.

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