Graphic design blogs are popping up everywhere and it’s becoming more of the norm to blog about what you do best. And for all the graphic designer who aren’t blogging, you may be missing out on some of the greater values in blogging besides sharing your thoughts. There are a lot of reasons that designers should blog but here are just some of the top reasons why blogging can be extremely beneficial to your business.

-Blogging Helps Designers Boost Their SEO Rank

Adding a blog to any site gives your clients the opportunity to add new content whenever they want. Blogs also increase the size of the website over time and this can provide a major SEO benefits in the form of an increase in a higher number of pages and internal links. Not only can potential clients see your work but they can get an insight into your personality through the way you write and the way you interact with people that comment on your blog.

-Blogging is  beneficial to the writer rather than the readers themselves.

As  a blogger and a designer myself, I can personally say that by writing blogs on the regular I have learned and self-taught myself valuable skills throughout this process.  I have found new insights, learned new techniques, created new relationships with designers, and I even forced myself to learn the fundamentals of HTML coding.

-Designers Can Make friends and Contacts

Setting up and blogging enables you to contact any other bloggers to ask and offer advice on your industry. If your having a tough time seeking inspiration, or deciding on a new design try looking to your fellow bloggers to help answer those difficult questions. You may also be lucky enough to find people to collaborate with on projects and find people who have skills in other areas you are not as strong in.

-Opportunites and Design Exposure

This has got to be one of the biggest reasons I blog. Getting your name of on the web allows you to reach clients and new contacts nationwide. By showcasing your skills by displaying your portfolio of business cards, websites, publications you can receive a lot of feedback from people all over. You never know where your next big opportunity may lead you.