As a graphic designer, we face challenges with each and every project we deal with. But the true test is how we handle and overcome these challenges. And we all have our pet peeves that goes along with each, like when we’re asked if we can design something in Publisher or Word so it can be edited. Below is a funny list of shared opinions from designers expressing their “graphic pet-peeves”.

Too much text:

If I’m designing a postcard or flyer, more often than not, clients give me way too much text. Four paragraphs of text plus headings, dates and locations cannot fit on a postcard.

Clip Art:

People who use clip art to design logos. Please note that clip art should not be used to design your logo and it should not be designed in Photoshop, Paint, or Word.

Too Much Clutter:

Too often have clients asked me to fill in blank space on a design. White space can add a lot to a design, making it look clean, simple and emphasizing what’s in the white space. By filling it, the design becomes busy and cluttered, and the audience wont know what to look at first.

Bad type-setting:

Widows and orphans–those single words or sentences that end up hanging at the bottom of paragraphs or at the top or bottom of columns of text.

Non-vector logos:

If it’s not a vector that it won’t be easy to edit. Meaning having it re sized, change the color, or modify it in any way will become a challenge. So having a graphic designer create a vector logo will help you with all your marketing materials.