A blog can be an extremely helpful tool for your business if you use it the right way. It can direct viewers to your website, showcase your new products and services, and help grow new customers and revenue. Making sure your blog is helping you and not actually hurting you is a simple task as long as you avoid some commonly seen blogging mistakes. Here is a list of some mistakes I’ve seen as a graphic design blogger and how you can avoid making the same mistake twice like Help your blog to be successful by avoiding these top 4 blogging mistakes:

Random Blogging –The most successful blogs put out new content two to three times a week and usually remain on a consistent schedule. (Tip: Want to publish 10 new blog posts a month? Write them ahead of time and set them to publish throughout the month)

Talking With a Business Voice – Blogs are meant to be personal, so don’t use it as a place to put press releases or to blatantly promote yourself. Write in a casual tone and write about things other than your main business. (Talk about your industry in general, provide tips & tricks you’ve learned over the years, share work day insights, etc.)

Making New Content Hard to Find – If your blog is hard to find, then it won’t get the reach you need and want. Make sure the readers will be able to find new content easily. (Have a link to the blog on your website, use social media sites like Facebook & Twitter to promote blog entries, and use SEO rich content that makes sense)

Not Engaging Readers – Blogs are meant to ignite conversation. If your content doesn’t command attention and response, then it’s not working right. Allowing and receiving comments allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. (Enable commenting on your blog, respond to comments, comment on other blogs in your industry to bring new readers your way)

Not Implementing SEO – Many bloggers will tell you content is king. It’s a good point – but if content is king, SEO is blogging’s queen. If you want people to find your blog, understand how SEO works – there are many free resources as well as paid options.