Black Friday is known as one of the busiest shopping days in the United States totaling well over $50 billion in sales and seeing a whopping 226 million customers in the doors. But in recent years with all the best online deals on the Internet it’s no wonder why 83% of consumers say they prefer shopping online over visiting crowded stores during Black Friday. Cyber Monday has given Black Friday a run for the money.

And a new study shows that 65% of online shoppers to search out products and buying well before Cyber Monday.  So it is a must for top companies to market their produce and services early. Here are some top tips and tactics companies are using to market themselves this season:

HTML Email Campaigns:

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and boost revenue sales. Not only is it more cost efficient versus direct mail campaigns but you can reach out to a larger demographic of people around your area and increase the payoff. Have a graphic designer create an email blast for you promoting all your deals with large pictures, graphics and bold fonts.

Make your Mark on Your Website:

What better place to promote your business than on your website. Use this space to let your viewers now when the best time to buy is. Placing digital coupons on your homepage is a must this year. 51% of will use online discounts and coupons according to a recent 2011 survey.

Utilize Social Media Outlets:

Facebook and Twitter are turning out to be the top spots to hear about holiday savings and discounts. With the ability to communicate with millions of consumers why wouldn’t you want to market yourselves on social media sites? In fact, on study showed that the main reason consumers connect with businesses and brands on social media is to get discounts and specials.

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse:

A great marketing tactic is to offer them something that will influence their buying decision. Here are some of the best deals big companies have been offering their online customers: Free shipping, Free returns, Lowest price, Guaranteed delivery date, Extended return period, Free gift offer, and Customer reward / loyalty programs.