The book writing is all complete. The manuscript is in form and ready to go. Now all you need to do is hire a graphic designer to design your book cover. We are the ones to do it for you. Let’s look at some tips to getting your book cover designed.

  • Get it Done Right the First Time – This means having it created based on the format that your graphic designer suggests.  Whether you want it on a photo or a design, be clear and make sure it is understood what you want to be created and designed. Be concise and clear with the graphic designer.
  • Be Careful About Using Photos – This means you want to use photos that you own the copyright too.  If you use stock photos you may run into all sorts of infringement rights. It’s something that in the future could come back to haunt you. Plus you want to own all copyrights to your book cover as well as your book.
  • Protect Yourself from Intellectual Property Issues – This means don’t use graphics that are not originally designed and signed over to you as ownership. It also refers to the photos discussed above.
  • Don’t Even Consider Doing it Yourself – Do it yourself software is a no no.  Bad idea. Amateur graphic design may be fun but if you are serious about promoting your book then you need to hire a professional.
  • Stay Within Your Budget – Designing a book cover can be a very complex endeavor. Try to work with your graphic designer and design a cover that is both pleasing but within your budget.  There are options available.
  • Make Sure You Understand You’re Designer and They Understand You – To get your book cover designed exactly how you want it the first time takes a good connection with your graphic designer.  More specifically, you want to understand each other clearly in all forms of communication.