How a Professional Profile Photo Can Help Your Business

Can you believe that just a few years ago, HR managers had no clue what prospective employees looked like until they walked into the interview? However, nowadays it is so easy to find out what someone looks like by searching their name and looking at their profiles on social network sites. In fact, statistics show that HR managers search out your LinkedIn account and let’s face it those who have a more professional headshot are more likely to get the job. The bottom-line is, if you don’t have a professional photo of yourself, than now is the time to get one.

Having a professional photo shoot doesn’t have to always mean having straight-faced, suit-and-tie, black and white picture

Top Marketing Mistakes Businesses Can Avoid

As a graphic designer, we understand just how critical marketing is to the success of every business. Below you will find some of the most common marketing mistakes businesses make and the best ways to avoid making them.

Not Following A Marketing Plan:

Having a marketing plan and sticking to it is essential in the business world because it is the foundation of your business and it helps build and design your product and services. Not only that but it also works to identify your target audience, and provide a roadmap towards your companies success. But equally important, a marketing plan provides the specific details needed to increase revenue, grow your customer base, and provide the best service possible.


How Marketing Collateral Can Help Your Business Succeed.

You may not think that a completely web-based Internet business requires marketing collateral, but they actually do. In fact, most all businesses require some form of marketing collateral in one way or another to succeed. Your marketing collateral can be a significant factor of how your business is perceived by clients and customers. This is why it is important to plan carefully, and to have a clear message and the right type of designers and vendors to help make your business communicate the best way for your brand.

When most people start up a new business one of the first things they think they will need printed are business cards. Well here is a list of other types