Meeting With a Graphic Design Client for the First Time: What to Know

Meeting with a new potential client can sometimes be an overwhelming task. But by following these 5 tips brought you by Graphic Design Blog you will walk into that meeting with the confidence of a 20-year veteran.

1. Prepare Yourself:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do before meeting a client is to prepare yourself. This involves physical as well as mental and psychological preparation. You must remember that your “first impression is the last impression” on your clients, so make it count. Looking professional is imperative especially when you are meeting a client for the first time. But equally essential is to sound professional which is possible only if you are mentally and emotionally fit.

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How a Professional Profile Photo Can Help Your Business

Can you believe that just a few years ago, HR managers had no clue what prospective employees looked like until they walked into the interview? However, nowadays it is so easy to find out what someone looks like by searching their name and looking at their profiles on social network sites. In fact, statistics show that HR managers search out your LinkedIn account and let’s face it those who have a more professional headshot are more likely to get the job. The bottom-line is, if you don’t have a professional photo of yourself, than now is the time to get one.

Having a professional photo shoot doesn’t have to always mean having straight-faced, suit-and-tie, black and white picture

Top Graphic Design Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid

A blog can be an extremely helpful tool for your business if you use it the right way. It can direct viewers to your website, showcase your new products and services, and help grow new customers and revenue. Making sure your blog is helping you and not actually hurting you is a simple task as long as you avoid some commonly seen blogging mistakes. Here is a list of some mistakes I’ve seen as a graphic design blogger and how you can avoid making the same mistake twice like Help your blog to be successful by avoiding these top 4 blogging mistakes:

Random Blogging –The most successful blogs put out new content two to three times a week

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How to get Your Graphic Design File “Print Ready”

A print ready file is one that is ready to submit to a print device. The file contains all the resources that allow it to print correctly and up to your standards. A lot of the time people send something to print and they receive a message from their local printer that the file is not “Print Ready”. So here are some things to do before sending your files to the printer:

–  Make sure all images are saved at a minimum of 300 dpi upon final submission and that all color images are saved as CMYK.

– Make sure all black and white images are saved as grayscale or bitmap images.

– If an image is intended to “bleed”

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Top Skills Every Graphic Designer Should Have

To become a professional graphic designer there are a variety of skills that are essential to creating projects assigned by a client or employers that they will expect you to demonstrate. Here are the top skills every graphic designer should have to help you build your business and drive client traffic.

Creativity – Have the skill to recognize and develop new trends and what appeals to people the most, as well as being able to visualize how something can look completed.

Typography – Knowing and understanding type is essential to strong design. Designers should be aware of font families, appropriate use of line-height, kerning and tracking. Since our industry is primarily about communication so the type needs

How to Design A Great Graphic Logo for your Business

Designing a logo to represent a company or business can be a tough decision and not always as simple as the end result appears. A logo not only represents a company as a whole, but also tells people who you are, what you do, and separates you from your competitors. If you are a professional graphic artist like myself, you know that designing a logo can take some time and often requires several changes till you and your client are completely satisfied with the finished product. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of divine inspiration and other times it takes some lengthy research, either way it is important to keep some key factors in mind when

What Graphic Designers need to know about Copyrights

So the other day I stumbled upon an article about the highly anticipated movie, The Hangover 2, which I just couldn’t resist reading. Apparently, the tattoo artist who designed and tattooed Mike Tyson’s face back in 2003 is attempting to sue Warner Bros. over the copyright infringement of his famous work. The tattoo not only appears on one of the characters face for the majority of the movie but since it is on the movie posters, ads, and other marketing material, this tattoo artist is looking to take Warner Bros. for all that they’re worth. The tattoo artist claims that he owns the copyright to the tattoo and was never contacted for permission or credited for using

Re-Branding your Brand

When a company realizes its branding just isn’t working it becomes hard to return to what made it successful and people love it in the first place.  But to re-brand your company successfully is a quite another journey in itself.

This happened to Walmart. Walmart is America’s largest retailer and these days the company is learning about successful branding all over again. Currently it is going through one of  the worst U.S. sales slumps ever and the CEO’s realize they need to return to what made them successful in the beginning.

Re-Branding Your Business

When asked, the executives admit that they made a bad