Using Typography to Enhance you Graphic Design Work

Typography is the art of print.  We are surrounded by it every day.  Typography includes anything in print; from books to public journals, posters to newspaper and just about anything else in between.  It’s a combination between communication and artistic elements that creates a print that is pleasing and easy to interpret.

Typography must have clear communication and good design.  Some fonts that are too small or pixelated or anything in the print that makes the item hard to read is not good typography. A successful usage of typography for a graphic design project is clear and legible. It not only adds to the message but also visually enhances the overall look of the project. Graphic designers work

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Tips for Designing a Book Cover

The book writing is all complete. The manuscript is in form and ready to go. Now all you need to do is hire a graphic designer to design your book cover. We are the ones to do it for you. Let’s look at some tips to getting your book cover designed.

  • Get it Done Right the First Time – This means having it created based on the format that your graphic designer suggests.  Whether you want it on a photo or a design, be clear and make sure it is understood what you want to be created and designed. Be concise and clear with