Putting together an email marketing campaign is a great way to reach out to clients and share information with them. But with the average business owner receiving so many emails on a daily basis, it is important that yours doesn’t get lost in with all the others. Here are some great tips on email marketing and how you can make your next email campaign get you the results you’re looking for.

Don’t Cram Everything Into Your Email

If you’re sending an email or newsletter you may have a lot of information you want to feature in the message. But the more information you pack into an email, the higher the chance the recipient’s eyes will simply skim right over before deleting it. Keep it to one main focus point and always put it right in the subject and first lines of the email to make the message easy to get across.

Design the email so it’s easy for mobile users

We live in a time where most people are checking their emails on their mobile devices and not just on their computer screens. So when designing the email, it’s good to keep in mind that the iPhone has a viewable space of 320 x 356 pixels while the average computer is probably above 1024 x 768. This means you should condense the width so they can read the email without resizing the message.

Strategically Place Your Call to Action

Each email you send should spell out exactly what you want your recipient to do. Links should be made as obvious as possible and call attention to any special directions you are asking. Positioning your call to action carefully can help you create an effective eye path. Make sure your call to action is placed at the top of the page so readers don’t have to scroll to respond.

Keep the design layout simple

It’s far easier to delete a cluttered email than to struggle through navigating it. So it’s always best practice to keep the design clean so it’s easy for readers to respond. Big fonts, bright colors, pictures and graphics are powerful attractions for the drifting eye.

Match your email to your brand

Include your company logo and colors on all your emails for consistency. Doing this will make your emails familiar and expected. Colors are a major component of your brand.