With advanced technology, instant accessibility and computer user experience social media sites have made marketing around the world not only simple, but also possible. Social media sites help you spread your message to millions of users by just the click of a button. This not only builds brand recognition but also helps to build up clientele and connect with larger companies who also promote their products and services online.

Here is a list of some top social media sites you should be marketing your business on if your not doing so already.

Facebook– This site is a popular fast-growing online site that allows you to brand and personalize your site to enhance the users experience. With the help of notifications and the convenient and simple platform it allows the easily communicate. You can now even access FaceBook with your cell phone, which is a growing phenomenon among social media apps. Users can share opinions, join groups, hold events and participate in contests.

Definitely great brand exposure. Users are able to view the important information they need to get to know who you are. Advertising on FaceBook could also increase your brand awareness within your target audience.

LinkedIn– LinkedIn’s philosophy is that building relationships is a valuable asset, and LinkedIn serves to help businesses build and market to their new connections. This gives professionals an advantage to be more successful and productive in their careers by leveraging on a professional and trusted network.

This site is a great site for branding your identity for both individuals and big companies. Users can get themselves connected to a people in the same field of work and industry to build up their social network.

MySpace– Here you can find a large and distinct audience on MySpace. MySpace allows customization of profile and integration of features such and blogs, groups, bulletins, widgets. Similar to Facebook, users are able to send messages, add friends and comment on the profile page or find people from your email address.

Branding can be done by customizing your profile and adding images to show your products and services. Blogging would help to build your brand awareness to your company.

So if you want to completely brand yourself and make your presence known on these social sites talk to your graphic designer. A graphic designer will be able to help customize your profiles and brand you on all these leading sites and help you grow.