As the times change and companies create new products we start to see business owners re-vamping and playing around with the possibilities of their logos. With news of the Starbucks Coffee 40th Anniversary logo redesign making headlines around the world, graphic designers are putting their heads together to see if they can come up with a new and winning design. It’s a great opportunity for any professional graphic designer to come up with a winning logo. By branding themselves with a re-designed logo that are keeping the business up-to-date and catching the attention of new clients.

The company is open to all outside graphic designers to submit their logo designs to see who can come up with the winning one. It’s interesting that the company has opened this up to the outside.  Usually companies of this size do this kind of thing in house.  It just goes to show you the changing of the times.  More and more companies are looking to outside graphic designers for their logos and branding.

They realize the best talent and professionalism may just not be in house; that there are a great deal of really talented and professional graphic designers that have small companies with big ideas and creativity.

That’s how we run our business at Moonstruck Marketing Group. We are a group of creative and talented designers that can create any logo and branding for you. We create stunning, and memorable design layouts for our clients and can create anything your companies marketing needs.