Creating an SEO friendly site is no longer a costly and extremely time consuming project of the past. Nowadays, most people are able to build up their business websites SEO rating proficiently all by themselves. Simply by taking 15 minutes out of your day you too can do a lot to the search engine optimization marketing success of your site.

Here are some great quick tips that you can do to grow your SEO!

Always design your web site considering SEO. Make sure your web designer and graphic designer understand SEO and what you hope to achieve from it. Remember Google Spiders can crawl text and content from pages, but it won’t pick up on Flash and images.

Optimize the text in your RSS feed just like you should with your posts and web pages. Use descriptive, keyword rich text in your title and description. So if you are a designer, use words like: graphics, web design, and marketing material.

Always use captions with your images. Same goes for newspaper and publication photos. Placing rich captions and bold keywords with your images helps build SEO.

Use absolute links. Not only will it make your on-site link navigation less prone to problems (like links to and from https pages), but if someone hides your content by error.

Use the words “image” or “picture” in your photo in the ALT descriptions and captions. Most search engines look for a keyword plus one of those words.

Add viral components and an RSS feed to your web site or blog – reviews, sharing functions, ratings, visitor comments, etc.

Use keywords and keyword phrases appropriately in text links, image ALT attributes and even your domain name.

Your URL file extension doesn’t matter. You can use .html, .htm, .asp, .php, etc. and it won’t make a difference as far as your SEO is concerned.

Change your site content often! Your site needs a blog because Google crawlers love to read text, especially fresh content. So try to blog at least three time a week with good, fresh content to feed those little crawlers.