In today’s society almost everyone seems to have access to social media sites. From business executives to grandmothers. Today you can’t even turn on the TV or radio without hearing about Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and how these sites have altered the way people connect and share information. Many businesses have also joined the trend and participate in social media and even understand the benefits. Are you a small business facing this problem? Look to your local graphic and web designers to help you manage your social media accounts? And better yet, have them create a customized Social Media Package to help your business thrive. Below are a few examples of packages a professional graphic designer can help you with.

 Facebook Packages

Typically Include:

-Facebook Account

-Facebook Fan Page Creation

-Facebook Profile Design

-Facebook Timeline Design

-Facebook Apps Integration


Twitter Packages

Typically Include:

Twitter Page Creation

Daily Updates

Twitter Background Design


Google+ Packages

Typically Include:

Google+ Page Creation

Daily Updates


LinkedIn Packages

Typically Include:

Linked In Account (Personal Profile)

Profile Keyword Optimization

Linkedin Company Page Creation