Kim Patterson


Known for visionary branding, creative print marketing, and exceptional client relations, Kim has thrived in the advertising industry for over fifteen years. She launched Moonstruck Marketing in 2008 and is proud to reflect on celebrating its first decade milestone.

Working with an exclusive client list, Kim coordinates projects from concept development through delivery of the finished product. She excels in project and budget management.

An active participant in local causes, Kim has created innovative collateral marketing materials for clients like All Children’s Hospital and the American Heart Association.

Life by Design

After earning a BFA in Graphic Design from Colorado State University and completing an internship at the university’s printing and publications department, she started her career working for local newspapers, then small and medium-sized print companies, and onto the unique excitement of photography studios.

Her tenure as Art Director for a large, franchise-based corporation gave Kim the incentive to open her own agency – one that allowed the client to participate in the creative process.

Kim enjoys life with her husband and two children (dogs) Sophie & Hazel. When she isn’t working, she can be found at the beach or indulging in her passion for photography…or both!

“I love to cook. I look at the design process like I look at preparing the perfect dish. Combine the finest ingredients and serve them from the heart. My philosophy is much the same when it comes to graphic design and photography. I create with love. Being a designer is not what I do. It is what I am. That’s why I have kept my company focused by bringing in select specialists for projects. I want the “right” person for every job – I just don’t assign it to the employee with the least amount on their plate. Every meal, every project is special. That’s what I would call a la carte design services; and they’re delicious.” – Kim