Gannett, which is the nation’s largest newspaper publisher and large owner of T.V. stations, will unveil on Monday March 7, 2011 its first corporate branding campaign.  Included in this new campaign will be a new logo.

One thing that is really special about this is that Gannet went outside looking for vendors, not ruling out small firms and business. This seems to be a trend on the heels of Starbucks doing the same.  This gives much credibility to the small marketing businesses.

Gannett is very powerful and is evolving into a “forward looking digital power.”

Gannett’s CEO Craig Dubow said to the public in regard to the new branding campaign, “It’s a reset for Gannett’s image.”

The USA TODAY has Gannett as its parent company.

Dubow went on to say that he would like for advertisers to Garnett see that the company has the branding and the ability to attract national audiences through different media; such as the Internet and smartphones.

You will see the USA TODAY newspaper start to clearly identify themselves as part of Gannett.

The company through the advice of the small firm that came up the branding campaign will also have a new tagline it will use on all its products. Taglines can be great in helping create branding.

Finally, the company wants to give off the image of simplicity; that this one parent company has all these other businesses under its parent umbrella.

In conclusion, the new logo will have the name of the company with no design. The old logo was the letter “G” that was superimposed on a globe.

It seems even big companies are turning towards small businesses and firms to help create their new form of branding and marketing. Small businesses are cost effective and usually have exceptional talent and in this economy, it’s good to see another big company use one.