One of the most important characteristics of a successful graphic design piece is its layout. When you think about it, the layout helps move the customer’s eyes around the piece and helps deliver your message in a clear and professional way. So what exactly is a layout you may ask yourself? A layout is the arrangement of graphic elements (such as text, color, shapes, images, and scale). A good layout should create the overall look, meaning, and relationships between the designer and client.  The layout should also give the viewers a path to follow and be attracted by.  There are many approaches you may want to take when designing the overall layout of a piece. A graphic design company can help you make the best selection for your design project.

Key Tips in Designing Great LayoutsHere are a few tips to keep in mind that are useful when designing a layout:

  • Always know what the purpose of the project is.
  • Know the primary message you want to convey and plan and design your layout around that.
  • Chose the media you want to approach the layout with. For example, webpage, printed book, brochure, newsletter or presentation as examples.
  • Know your target audience: educational levels, background, and interests…

A high-quality layout will be well organized and give the reader a clear direction throughout the project. If the layout has too much going on then the viewer may become confused and disregard the message. So make sure the layout is cleared up and simplified. So make sure you start off your project right: with a innovative and creatively designed layout.