There is a new theme in the graphic design business and it’s called “Print Delivers.” Recently, big companies such as Eastman Kodak, The United States Post Office, and the Print Council got together and met at the University of Dayton Arena for the patented “Print Delivers” event.

The purpose of the meeting was to emphasize how print is not only important in marketing your business but how it allows businesses to reach out to consumers.  The goal was to spread the word amongst consumers that graphic designers don’t just put ink on paper. Instead they create a recognizable brand for your company or business to represent your products and services. By creating corporate packages that include business cards, stationary, marketing brochures, we get your name out there and target your consumers directly. The speakers who attended the meeting shared case studies from their own businesses statistics that were relevant to how they found success in using print marketing. These statistics showed examples of ways that marketers use print to create innovative campaigns and grow brand awareness to their market.

According to Joanne Vinyard of the Print Council, “Marketers have recently been forced to cut costs and try other methods, such as email and other low cost alternatives to print. What these marketers have been discovering and trying to relay to their clients is that the results are clearly not as good without print in the marketing mix.”

Professional graphic designers, such as Moonstruck Marketing Group, ensure the power of print so that their designs and materials have attention grabbing headlines and stunning visuals.  Turn to Moonstruck for all your marketing and graphic design needs. We are on the edge of everything that goes on in our business so that we can be the best for you.