Before Google first hit the scene in 1998 it’s hard to imagine how we searched out information on the web. However, web browsing technology has evolved so fast and we have the “Google Guys” to thank for it. Google receives more than 400 million queries a day and half a billion visitors. So how much do you think the logo of a big-time brand like Google is worth? Well, according to one recent estimate, the number might be around $120,483,800!

Known for their unique rotation of homepage logos, Google tends to spice things up  with ever-changing renditions of their “famous” logo, including a seriously entertaining playable Pac-Man logo. Even I couldn’t help myself but play a game on the interactive logo. Studies estimates show that when factoring in other numbers like 503 million daily visitors, 33 million daily hours spent searching, and a modest assumed visitor income of $25/hour, people estimate Google’s Pac-Man logo destroyed 4,819,352 hours of productivity and cost about $120,483,800 in distracted employee salary. No wonder we’re in a recession! But what amazing productivity for Google!

So as you can see it’s extremely beneficial to advertise and get your logo on Google. Here are just a few reasons why advertising on Google can be great for your business.

1. Intuitive interface – All information is organized in a logical order.

2. Keywords are organised in Campaigns and Adgroups – This is great for advertisers that offer many different types of products.

3. Real time reporting – You know how many clicks, impressions, and pounds you have spent in real time (about a 3 hour delay).

4. Ad Scheduling – You can specify what time of day your ad runs.

5. Daily budget – You can cap how much money you want to spend per day.

Looking for fun and entertaining ways to put your logo in the spotlight? How about some new takes of your business logo? While not quite worth $120 million in exposure, we think it’s a good start. Look to a professional graphic designer for all your unique logo branding. Moonstruck Marketing Group  can do it all and are creative in our thinking to drive the most traffic to your website and product.