Google introduced a Pac man brand to its logo back in May of 2010. They still use it from time to time. It was the idea of some independent graphic designers who felt like an interactive logo would bring in revenue and drive traffic to their site. They were right.

The Pac Man logo aside, how much would you think that the Google big time brand is worth?

One reliable and recent estimate has the number around $120,483,800!

Because Google is known for their unique rotation of homepage logos, Google decide on the Pac Man logo one day.  They thought this playable, entertaining logo would spice things up. Spice things up it did indeed.

So how engaging was this Google logo?  What were the results? Conservative estimates say that the average time on the Google homepage went up 36 seconds. That’s serious logo exposure right there!

Google has approximately 503 million daily visitors.  These visitors spend 33 million daily hours searching. With an average income of these visitors of approximately $25 an hour, the estimate is that Google’s Pac Man logo cost about $120, 483,800 in distracted employee salary! What a logo this graphic designer came up with! This figure comes from a 4,819,352 loss of productivity hours by workers.

So how can you put some fun and entertaining ways into your logo to get it into the spotlight?

Independent graphic designers can help you with this. After all, the Google Pac Man logo was the brain child of a small firm graphic designer. Maybe some branded desk puzzles?

Whatever you come up with let your graphic designer know your needs. We are pro’s at taking your ideas and thoughts and coming up with a fantastic product that will grab your target audiences attention.

And for those who missed it, Google has made their Pac-Man logo a permanent feature at