As a small business in a sea of corporate mega-companies it’s imperative to make a great and lasting first impression to potential clientele. Well one of the best and easiest ways to do that is by having professional business cards designed by your graphic designer. Business cards have become much more than just a card with your companies contact information but instead a symbol that represents your entire business. Many companies who decide to save a buck or two by having cheap or free cards designed are often left with low quality, flimsy cards, which typically promote themselves rather than your own business. By working with a professional graphic artist you are guaranteed to receive high-end professional business cards with significant results.

Most people typically think of a business card as a white rectangle with someone’s business name and contact information. However, nowadays we’re beginning to see a trend of unique business cards that are visually stunning and stand out from competition. Here are some creative tips your can use to help get a modern look to your business cards and boost your business revenue.

– Try choosing different paper and material options. Your designer will have loads of different paper samples for you to feel. Anything from a recyclable soft matte paper to a hard glossy cardstock. Some cards are even being printed on unique surfaces like clear plastic and metal.

-Play around with text and fonts. Try using different fonts to bring the viewers focus to your name. Instead of using regular text like Arial or Times, use a bold font like Impact to help your information get noticed.

-Think outside the box. Although most business cards are typically rectangular in shape, it doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. Your graphic designer can have your cards printed with a die cut to look like any shape you like. For instance, one card used for a cookie bakery has their cards in the shape of a cookie with a bite taken out.

-Make use of the space. There are two sides to a business card so why not make use of the space. Instead of trying to jam all your information onto one side of the card play with the space and put your name and logo in bold on the front and the rest of your information on the back.

Whatever you decide for your business cards, make sure you contact your local Graphic design agency so your cards are not only well designed but effective. At Moonstruck Marketing Group we can create your business cards and other marketing collateral from stationary to publications.