Meeting With a Graphic Design Client for the First Time: What to Know

Meeting with a new potential client can sometimes be an overwhelming task. But by following these 5 tips brought you by Graphic Design Blog you will walk into that meeting with the confidence of a 20-year veteran.

1. Prepare Yourself:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do before meeting a client is to prepare yourself. This involves physical as well as mental and psychological preparation. You must remember that your “first impression is the last impression” on your clients, so make it count. Looking professional is imperative especially when you are meeting a client for the first time. But equally essential is to sound professional which is possible only if you are mentally and emotionally fit.

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Time Saving Business Tips: How you can work faster

Have you ever caught yourself wishing there were more hours in the day so you could accomplish more? Well unfortunately for us, that’s never going to happen but there is something you can do to stretch the day to it’s fullest potential. Rather than make the work day longer just become faster at what you do. Now depending on what industry of business you are in you may find some things easier to do faster than others. But if you, like us graphic and web designers rely on being proficient on your computer to communicate, email, create presentations, than learning the shortcut commands on your keyboard will save you hours in the long-run! One of the things

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The History of Graphic Design

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the industry you work in? Or how the trade was developed and during what century? Well the other day while doing some research on graphic trends I found a website that was all about the history of graphic design.  I was amazed to learn some extremely interesting facts about what I love to do. For instance, there’s a whole section on how handwriting evolved and developed into print.

I found that this information can help you expand your skills and open your eyes to some great ideas that have been repeated through time. So if you are a web developer, learning the history of the computer sciences and the start

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The Best Graphic Design Tutorials

Whether you’re an experienced professional graphic designer or just beginning your way into the industry, tutorials are always a great way to raise your intellect. Photoshop and other software knowledge is something you will definitely need to know if you plan on making it big. One of the easiest ways to get started with learning new graphic design tricks and tips is to follow online guides and graphic design tutorials.

Here are a few of our favorite sites that the tutorials are easy to follow and provide both basic and advance skills for the designer in you. Hopefully they help to inspire and better yet, help build your design skills!

The Online Training Library is a educational platform

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Top Graphic Design Challenges

As a graphic designer, we face challenges with each and every project we deal with. But the true test is how we handle and overcome these challenges. And we all have our pet peeves that goes along with each, like when we’re asked if we can design something in Publisher or Word so it can be edited. Below is a funny list of shared opinions from designers expressing their “graphic pet-peeves”.

Too much text:

If I’m designing a postcard or flyer, more often than not, clients give me way too much text. Four paragraphs of text plus headings, dates and locations cannot fit on a postcard.

Clip Art:

People who use clip art to design logos. Please note that clip art should not

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Need a Social Media Package?

In today’s society almost everyone seems to have access to social media sites. From business executives to grandmothers. Today you can’t even turn on the TV or radio without hearing about Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and how these sites have altered the way people connect and share information. Many businesses have also joined the trend and participate in social media and even understand the benefits. Are you a small business facing this problem? Look to your local graphic and web designers to help you manage your social media accounts? And better yet, have them create a customized Social Media Package to help your business thrive. Below are a few examples of packages a professional graphic designer can

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Top Things To Know About Pinterest

There’s a new web phenomenon going on and it’s all to do with Pinterest. Over 15 million people have signed up for it’s virtual “pinboard” that lets you organize and share all the share-worthy things you find on the web.

Pinterest allows it’s members to use their pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, dress in cute new styles, learn arts and crafts, and cook their favorite recipes. The best part is, you can browse pinboards created by other people with similar interests.

Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and ideas. Pinterst is especially useful for graphic designers and web designers so they can get inspiration for their next project or site.

Here are a

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Important Things To Include On Your Business Website

Your website is one of your best marketing tools, and your website is a successful way to communicate your company’s message and services.

When visitors come to your website they are quick to decide whether to stay or go so you content information is an invaluable asset. If you are considering content for your web pages your graphic designer can help you bring your creative vision to life. Below are some vital things to include on your companies website to help bring in new clients and grow your business.

1. Build Your Brand with a Logo

Your small business website design is an excellent tool for brand building. If you have a logo, it should be large and easily recognizable

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Using Typography to Enhance you Graphic Design Work

Typography is the art of print.  We are surrounded by it every day.  Typography includes anything in print; from books to public journals, posters to newspaper and just about anything else in between.  It’s a combination between communication and artistic elements that creates a print that is pleasing and easy to interpret.

Typography must have clear communication and good design.  Some fonts that are too small or pixelated or anything in the print that makes the item hard to read is not good typography. A successful usage of typography for a graphic design project is clear and legible. It not only adds to the message but also visually enhances the overall look of the project. Graphic designers work

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Knowing how to spend your graphic design dollars

In most businesses, finding efficient ways to get rid of unnecessary expenses is part of what makes a business successful.  But most business owners know there are just certain things you should not go cheap on. They know that sometimes going the cheap route or trying to save money on certain things can actually set the business back.

Knowing how to spend your graphic design dollars


It’s hard at times to find the line between what to skimp on and what to save on.  For example, you may think that you can save by designing your logo yourself using some $20 software but

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