Semantic Search: The Newest Approach to SEO

Once upon a time, keywords were the Holy Grail for achieving page rank within Google searches. If a user searched for “Moonstruck Marketing”, Google didn’t know if the user was searching for a website, a person, or something else. The ‘bots would simply scan words and letters to statistically analyze the search the way it occurred in a certain order on the web page – the page title, the page URL, etc. – and Google would return the top 10 links matching the user’s search, with number 1 being the best match, and so on.

What was missing from this type of analysis was the human element.

Enter semantic search, a more sophisticated technology that determines, not just the

Why You Need a Graphic Designer for Real LinkedIn Success

Using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy? Consider how a professional graphic designer might improve your success odds.

Today, LinkedIn’s 253 million members post a ton of content, from profiles and home page posts to status updates and group discussions. The 2013 introductions of revamped Company pages and University pages ramped up content publishing efforts on the professional networking platform. Recently introduced, the new Showcase Pages create space for even more content.

But think about it…how much material do you read on LinkedIn (on anywhere) without an image to draw you in? Probably not much. In fact, the right images separate the Influencers from the rest of the crowd. Images are indeed powerful, and hiring a savvy graphic

Where is Your Keyword List? If You Don’t Have One…Read On!

If you are interested in marketing your business online, I’m sure that you have seen the surge in articles heralding the importance of generating original content in addition to having a solid content marketing strategy in place.

Having consistently updated content published on your site is crucial to getting more traffic from social media sites and search engines while creating a power of influence over your visitors.

I’m sure that this is where you might think we would start talking about how to write blogs and market them.  This is not the case.

What I want to talk about here is what you need to do BEFORE you put pen to paper (do people still do that?) and begin formulating

Top Creative Graphic Designed Wedding Invites

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in your life. And when it comes to sharing the news to the rest of the world, each couple has their own personality when it comes to the look of the save the date or wedding invitation design. However, any professional graphic designer will be able to capture the feeling and essence you are aiming for and design a truly unique save the date or wedding invitation. Here is a link I found on that showcases some of the most creative invites that surely made an impact on the guests. So go on and celebrate!

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Great Examples of Well-Designed Packaging

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, the truth is, most people’s decisions and choices are affected by the overall appearance of a product. So that is why it is vital to have creative and well-produced packaging for a product. Let’s face it, most toothpastes are all made out of the exact same ingredients and the ones that are taken off the shelf first are usually the ones in the best packaging. Below is an article I found on that shows some of the best products on the market. Enjoy!

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Kleenex Tissue

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The Secrets Behind How Top Graphic Designers Create Their Logos

The true secret behind how graphic designers create their best work is in the “Design Process”. Below are the steps involved that designers take when creatively designing a logo for a client. These steps were featured in an article on


1. The Brief

Nearly all designers agree that the initial accumulation of information from the client is the most important step, either by a face to face interview or a questionnaire. This is where you must establish the design brief. Designer, John Homs says “You really need to understand your client very thoroughly before you get started. Logo Design is never just shooting in the dark. It’s just the opposite.”

If you haven’t got a client yet

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Graffiti Goes from Concrete Jungle to Mainstream

Art is all around us and graffiti art is moving into the mainstream world. Below is an article posted on the Art Institute website that goes further into how this once unacceptable form of art has evolved from vandalism to artistic masterpieces seen all over the graphic design industry.

Strolling along an inner-city street isn’t the only way to experience the urban aesthetic anymore. Graffiti-inspired design can be found almost everywhere now – in advertising and living rooms, and on clothing and toys. The free-flowing and spontaneous styles used in the public space have caught on in the mainstream, and graphic designers are fanning the flames.

Graffiti has colored the urban landscape for decades and has actually been traced

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