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Why You Need a Graphic Designer for Real LinkedIn Success

Using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy? Consider how a professional graphic designer might improve your success odds.

Today, LinkedIn’s 253 million members post a ton of content, from profiles and home page posts to status updates and group discussions. The 2013 introductions of revamped Company pages and University pages ramped up content publishing efforts on the professional networking platform. Recently introduced, the new Showcase Pages create space for even more content.

But think about it…how much material do you read on LinkedIn (on anywhere) without an image to draw you in? Probably not much. In fact, the right images separate the Influencers from the rest of the crowd. Images are indeed powerful, and hiring a savvy graphic design firm can really help you stand out.

The Key to Top-Notch Visual Content

The key is effective utilization of visual content such as sharp logos, engaging banners, shareable infographics, and much more, especially in groups and on Company and University pages.

Exactly how a can a graphic designer and visual content positively contribute to your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Here are 4 meaningful ways:

1. You’ve heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? The idea is not new. It was voiced by a character in Ivan S. Turgenev’s 1862 novel Fathers and Sons – “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.” Yes, even 152 years ago, pictures sold products. Visual content gets attention, allowing readers to better grasp your brand’s identity, and creating a human connection that translate the brand experience into brand loyalty.

2. Images drive attention, but better still, they drive engagement. A Simply Measured report on Facebook engagement one month after the […]

Best Graphic Design Print Ads

Print ads is few effective ways to engage an audience in very saturated advertising market. Designing a print ads is very difficult, you have to convey your message using few words and in single image. Getting their products or services out in print format is more challenging and difficult for any company.

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Graphic Design: Logo of the Day

Looking for some graphic design logo inspiration. Well lucky for you because here is the logo of the day featured on This logo was designed by Lauchware, a web and software development agency in Bridgewater, Mass. The company wanted a new re-branded identity that was modern, yet unique. They wanted a logo that “causes a viewer to do a double-take and think twice before passing it by”. I love the simplicity and use of negative space, no pun intended! What do you think?

Amazing Showcase of Creative Brochure and Booklet Designs

Brochures and booklets are among the most effective and successful tools for modern day marketing and advertising. Here is a compilation found on of stunning graphically designed brochures and booklets that stand out from the crowd. Moonstruck Marketing group designs and produces creative company brochures that effectively spread your business message and achieve success. Look to Moonstruck Marketing Group to design your companies brochures and booklets.

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Ten Of The Coolest Designed Olympics Posters

The Olympics is a event unlike any other event in which multi-nations are represented and each visual is culturally unique. As a graphic designer, I’m always looking forward to seeing the posters and other marketing material that are designed to reflect the hosting city and still capture the essence of the world. Here is a link I found on Lunatica Desnuda that shows ten of the most celebrated Summer Olympics posters of the modern era. The posters represent countries in Europe, Asia and the America and they date back from 1912 to 1992.

Click here to view more Olympic Posters!

Special Techniques and Finishing Touches for Business Cards

We all know that a true masterpiece is only complete once the finishing touches have been added. So when you are designing your business cards and you are ready to have them printed ask yourself: Have you added on the finishes touches you desire? Creatively designed business cards can stand on their own but did you know that there are a variety of special techniques and finishing touches you can add to your card to really wow your audience.

Here are a couple of special technques you can add to your next graphic design project:


This special finish is achieved by applying a clear varnish to an area of the card that you want to draw the viewer’s eye to. This can be done on your logo or the company name. The effect is a slightly raised design element, with a glossy, matte or satin finish


Letterpressing is done by inking a raised surface and then pressing it into the paper, giving the design both color and depth. This technique is suitable for vector images and text, using solid Pantone inks. An article linked to at the end of this article provides more technical detail.


Similar to die-cutting, a die is used to press the paper up, creating a three-dimensional raised effect. So when you feel the ink on the card it gives it a textured feel to the card.


With this technique, a layer of thin foil is applied to an area of the card you specify. The foils are shiny and come in almost every color of the rainbow. Foiling can create a dramatic


Any card (or any printed material for that matter) that isn’t a standard rectangle or that has holes in it is […]


Have you ever downloaded a picture off the Internet and printed it only to find it blurry and pixilated.  Although using pictures found on the internet is easy and free, many people aren’t aware that it will not only result in poor quality but most of the time it is also illegal to download most images.

The main reason the images look so blurry is due to the low resolution (level of detail). In print projects, resolution is key. If the image that you use doesn’t have high enough resolution, they will appear fuzzy or blurry. Most professional printers require a minimum of 300 dpi for all images at the final print size. DPI, which stands for “Dots Per Inch”, is measured by the number of pixels or dots per the unit of printed size in the image. So basically, the higher the resolution of your image is, the better the quality of the image will be when printed.

To if you want to have the best possible picture quality for your printed marketing materials, make sure your images are set up as CMYK and are at least 300dpi at the actual size you want them to be printed at. And if you are ever unsure or need help with this, check with your local graphic designer and web designer for more information.

Graphic and Web Design Competitions and Contests

If you are a graphic designer, web designer, or just plain creative you may be interested in checking out some design competitions to help showcase and recognize your artwork. Below is a few of the many design competitions and how you can be a part of it. It’s not only great for networking, and inspiration, but you never know where your next big opportunity awaits!

Harpers Wine and Spirit 2012 Design Awards

Harpers Wine and Spirit is calling for entries to its 2012, Design Awards. The awards are aimed at businesses that have recently re-designed or launched their drinks brand, or to agencies that represent a well-designed and innovative product.

The Design Guild Mark 2012

The Furniture Makers’ Company are calling for entries for The Design Guild Mark 2012. The Design Guild Mark rewards excellence in the design of furniture in volume production.

3D Printing Fashion Show at RAPID 2012

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is seeking entries to the inaugural 3D Printing Fashion Show to be held during the RAPID 2012 Conference and Exposition.

 International Graphics Review II Competition

The International Graphics Review II is an important cultural event organized by local actors from Romania having an international impact by offering the possibility for graphic artists to introduce themselves in.

London Festival Of Photography Prize 2012

The London Festival of Photography Prize is an opportunity for photographers to submit projects for inclusion in a world-class exhibition celebrating the annual festival theme. Each year the festival will explore.

HOW In-HOWse Design Awards

This highly selective and unique competition, sponsored by HOW magazine, recognizes outstanding creative work produced by individuals and groups within corporations, associations and organizations. HOW’s editorial.

Royal Photographic Society Print Competition

The Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition is the longest standing exhibition of its […]

How to get Your Graphic Design File “Print Ready”

A print ready file is one that is ready to submit to a print device. The file contains all the resources that allow it to print correctly and up to your standards. A lot of the time people send something to print and they receive a message from their local printer that the file is not “Print Ready”. So here are some things to do before sending your files to the printer:

–  Make sure all images are saved at a minimum of 300 dpi upon final submission and that all color images are saved as CMYK.

– Make sure all black and white images are saved as grayscale or bitmap images.

– If an image is intended to “bleed” off the print to the edge of image area, make sure your document includes an additional 1/8″ for the bleed area.

– When using Adobe Illustrator or InDesign programs, make sure you convert all text to outlines, which eliminates the need to provide your printer fonts, and flatten all layers before saving/sending file.

– Make sure all you backgrounds and shapes that are black are set to “rich black” which consists of 40% cyan – 30% magenta – 30% yellow – 100% black. Text should be saved key color black, 100% black.

-Printers typically consider .tif and .PDF file formats for images to be there preferred choice.

– Printers typically consider Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop as application file formats they prefer as well.

At Moonstruck Marketing Group we can help you save money and time by making sure all your files are “Print Ready” before they go to press!