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Graphic Design: Logo of the Day

Looking for some graphic design logo inspiration. Well lucky for you because here is the logo of the day featured on This logo was designed by Lauchware, a web and software development agency in Bridgewater, Mass. The company wanted a new re-branded identity that was modern, yet unique. They wanted a logo that “causes a viewer to do a double-take and think twice before passing it by”. I love the simplicity and use of negative space, no pun intended! What do you think?

Ten Of The Coolest Designed Olympics Posters

The Olympics is a event unlike any other event in which multi-nations are represented and each visual is culturally unique. As a graphic designer, I’m always looking forward to seeing the posters and other marketing material that are designed to reflect the hosting city and still capture the essence of the world. Here is a link I found on Lunatica Desnuda that shows ten of the most celebrated Summer Olympics posters of the modern era. The posters represent countries in Europe, Asia and the America and they date back from 1912 to 1992.

Click here to view more Olympic Posters!

Facebook Infographic: Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

As a graphic designer I am inspired by things I see and learn visually by watching how something is preformed. An Infographic is graphic visual representation of information, facts, and statistics. These graphics present intricate information quickly and clearly, and can be seen as signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and presentations. Check out the infographic below found on that visually shows some very interesting facts about Facebook that you probably didn’t know. And look to Moonstruck Marketing Group to handle all your future Infographic Designs for your next presentation!

Top Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Whether you consider yourself to be a creative genius or you know you haven’t a single creative bone in your body having more creativity can help you in your professional life and help you get ahead in your career. It can help you improve your professional work life by finding creative solutions to your problems. As a graphic designer I have found some creative tips that will help you to be more creative and find inspiration that motivates your mind.

Learn something every day

Creativity often involves taking on a moment of inspiration and gathering new ideas to make it your own. Continually exposing yourself to new ideas will keep your creative juice running and keep it fresh. Always use tutorial books and magazines on hand to reference from time to time. Above all, learn something from every experience.

Think small

Now we’re not saying to not look at the big picture, but just don’t get overwhelmed at the thought of too much, too soon. Having a creative vision is important, often essential, but the details make the whole thing come together. Take time to simply plan out the steps you’ll need to accomplish your final result. Having a well-executed plan will give you a solid base from which to let your creativity run wild.

Surround yourself with colors

Black, which represents the unknown, is a stimulant to the release of feelings and thoughts. Violet is the color of creativity, and purple the color of passion. Red is creation itself, passion, energy, and stamina. Orange encourages playfulness and vitality, and yellow stimulates the mind. Choosing a little of several of these colors in each of your rooms will greatly enhance your creative energy in anything and everything in your life.

Step […]

Poster and Flyer Design Inspiration

Need inspiration for your next graphic design project? Here are some cool designs that I found featuring some great design layouts. Some of these flyers have cool textures, fonts, and some even appear to be three dementional. These designs are great for inspiration, I hope you enjoy them and use them well.

Here are 40 of the best design inspirations featured in I can Be Creative

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How a Professional Profile Photo Can Help Your Business

Can you believe that just a few years ago, HR managers had no clue what prospective employees looked like until they walked into the interview? However, nowadays it is so easy to find out what someone looks like by searching their name and looking at their profiles on social network sites. In fact, statistics show that HR managers search out your LinkedIn account and let’s face it those who have a more professional headshot are more likely to get the job. The bottom-line is, if you don’t have a professional photo of yourself, than now is the time to get one.

Having a professional photo shoot doesn’t have to always mean having straight-faced, suit-and-tie, black and white picture of just your head. Well, it can be that way if that’s what your particular industry likes. However, this photo should allow some of your personality to show through. People should feel like you are pleasant to work with but will also take the job seriously.  Here are a couple more tips to consider:

-Use a current photo – We all have pictures we love because they are flattering or make us look younger. However, do not use a photo from your high school days as your profile picture if you are now in your 40s. You want the employer to think you are professional and responsible enough to handle the job.

-Hire a Professional – Instead of going low budget and using your bathroom mirror to snap a picture, hire a photographer. Forget about using the self-portraits you made with your webcam or phone camera and use a professional-looking photo for your profile picture.

-Smile – This should go without saying but just browse some of the profile pictures […]