Semantic Search: The Newest Approach to SEO

Once upon a time, keywords were the Holy Grail for achieving page rank within Google searches. If a user searched for “Moonstruck Marketing”, Google didn’t know if the user was searching for a website, a person, or something else. The ‘bots would simply scan words and letters to statistically analyze the search the way it occurred in a certain order on the web page – the page title, the page URL, etc. – and Google would return the top 10 links matching the user’s search, with number 1 being the best match, and so on.

What was missing from this type of analysis was the human element.

Enter semantic search, a more sophisticated technology that determines, not just the order of words and letters, but the intent behind the searcher’s query.

With semantic search, results are more accurate, and search engine aptitude can be expanded to include technologies like voice search, for which traditional SEO would be quite ineffective.

Those Busy ‘Bots

Search engine ‘bots never sleep. Constantly crawling the web for content, they are now charged with comprehending users’ queries and matching them with the correct intent, ensuring the right answer is returned to the user. Search for pizza at 7 am, and Google understands you’re not looking to order pizza, but perhaps thinking about where to go for pizza later in the day. Search for pizza at 7 pm, and the results return specific restaurants in your locale.

As the technology evolves, it may even remember your favorite searches so that, 10 weeks later, when you’ve forgotten the name of that “pizza restaurant on 10th street”, it can recall your previous search.

What This Means for Business Owners

Millions of people use the internet daily to find answers. This means […]

Why You Need a Graphic Designer for Real LinkedIn Success

Using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy? Consider how a professional graphic designer might improve your success odds.

Today, LinkedIn’s 253 million members post a ton of content, from profiles and home page posts to status updates and group discussions. The 2013 introductions of revamped Company pages and University pages ramped up content publishing efforts on the professional networking platform. Recently introduced, the new Showcase Pages create space for even more content.

But think about it…how much material do you read on LinkedIn (on anywhere) without an image to draw you in? Probably not much. In fact, the right images separate the Influencers from the rest of the crowd. Images are indeed powerful, and hiring a savvy graphic design firm can really help you stand out.

The Key to Top-Notch Visual Content

The key is effective utilization of visual content such as sharp logos, engaging banners, shareable infographics, and much more, especially in groups and on Company and University pages.

Exactly how a can a graphic designer and visual content positively contribute to your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Here are 4 meaningful ways:

1. You’ve heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? The idea is not new. It was voiced by a character in Ivan S. Turgenev’s 1862 novel Fathers and Sons – “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.” Yes, even 152 years ago, pictures sold products. Visual content gets attention, allowing readers to better grasp your brand’s identity, and creating a human connection that translate the brand experience into brand loyalty.

2. Images drive attention, but better still, they drive engagement. A Simply Measured report on Facebook engagement one month after the […]

Where is Your Keyword List? If You Don’t Have One…Read On!

If you are interested in marketing your business online, I’m sure that you have seen the surge in articles heralding the importance of generating original content in addition to having a solid content marketing strategy in place.

Having consistently updated content published on your site is crucial to getting more traffic from social media sites and search engines while creating a power of influence over your visitors.

I’m sure that this is where you might think we would start talking about how to write blogs and market them.  This is not the case.

What I want to talk about here is what you need to do BEFORE you put pen to paper (do people still do that?) and begin formulating your first blog.


keywordsWith all of the fervor over the power of content marketing, one aspect that I don’t think is stressed enough is the use of keywords when writing your content.  Keywords are how people will be able to find you, your business, your services and your products online when searching for you – plain and simple.

Keywords also help you target the RIGHT market that you want to attract to your business.

Above and beyond this, keywords can make your website a powerhouse in Google (as they play a crucial role in SEO) and when used throughout your marketing materials (offline and online) can create a continuity with your overall strategy.

I have a two step process for keywords – in order to keep it simple and to get you to begin to formulate your first list.

First, write down who your target consumer is.  Then write down what your key product/service offering is.   Now you will have a good idea […]

Are Your Marketing Glasses Out of Focus?

marketing-glassesWe have all been there, the job interview. Inevitably, the interviewer looks at you and says, “So, tell me a little bit about yourself” or “Tell me about some of the projects that you are most proud of”.

At this point, does your interview tend to go downhill? Even if you do not realize it, the answer is probably yes. Do you know the reason? It is more than likely because the interviewer is bored to death with what you are telling them.

What is the basic rule in marketing? You need to have control of the conversation in order to sell! You are selling yourself in the interview, so own it!

Before the chance is there to have someone ask you to tell them about yourself, look at them and say “I’d like to tell you a little about myself”. Now, you have control of the interview and you are focusing your marketing glasses on selling yourself. To read more about this technique, you can read this article. 

There are seven steps to selling as they apply to a successful job interview:

  1. Approach – Introduce yourself, smile, be engaged and interested in what the interviewer is saying and asking you. Use the interviewer’s name and develop a rapport.
  2. Qualification – This is the section where the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question typically occurs. The ideal response is “Mary, I would like to tell you about myself. However, first I would like to ask a couple of questions. Is that alright?” Now, ask smart questions (that you have prepared) and then assess if the position is right for you.
  3. Agreement on Need – A vital question, “What are some of […]

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Are you outsourcing the social media needs of your business to a specialty company? If yes, congratulations, you have made a terrific decision. If not, then find one, and find one quickly. Social media recognition is taking over the market and you do not want to be left behind.

Social Media Marketing

If you already have a company managing your social media, good work! But, have you ever thought about what you can to for them?

Well, allow me to help you with that question. I am going to discuss five specific ways that you can help your outsourcing help you!

First of all, share. Give them information to promote! Are you going to attend a conference soon? Be part of a community outreach project? Did you host an event, then send pictures for them to share!

Next, you want to write down the small nuances of what is going on in your day to day life in the office. Why? Because you want your social media strategist to be able to know you, to understand the company, the product, the service. After all, your social media voice needs to be your own, even though you have hired a puppet.

Thirdly, give things away. Build relationships that aren’t forced! You need to focus on providing value and the best way to do that is to hand out guides, reports, eBooks. This process serves to build trust and establish credibility. Do you know what else it does? It establishes credibility with your potential clients, whom your social media strategist is diligently working to transform into your active customers. Wouldn’t you love to see a picture of a business owner giving away a […]

Best Graphic Design Print Ads

Print ads is few effective ways to engage an audience in very saturated advertising market. Designing a print ads is very difficult, you have to convey your message using few words and in single image. Getting their products or services out in print format is more challenging and difficult for any company.

Click HERE to see 36 examples of Best Creative and Some Clever Print Ads


Graphic Design: Logo of the Day

Looking for some graphic design logo inspiration. Well lucky for you because here is the logo of the day featured on This logo was designed by Lauchware, a web and software development agency in Bridgewater, Mass. The company wanted a new re-branded identity that was modern, yet unique. They wanted a logo that “causes a viewer to do a double-take and think twice before passing it by”. I love the simplicity and use of negative space, no pun intended! What do you think?

The New iPhone 5 Is Here

Apple announced this Wednesday the latest version of the iPhone, unleashing all the details on the device that’s thinner, lighter, faster and taller than its predecessor. The new iPhone 5.

Here’s The Upside

Extended Battery

Apple’s new iPhone 5 will have a battery that lasts even longer than previous models’: 225 hours on standby and 8 whole hours while talking on the phone or surfing the web on 3G.

New Improved Panoramic Camera

The iPhone 5’s front- and back-facing cameras have each been upgraded and users will be able to take much larger photos thanks to the new Panorama feature lets you take high-definition panoramic photos.


Another new iPhone function Apple has featured is a new messaging system called iMessage. It works between all iOS 5 devices, allowing you to leave conversations on your iPhone and continue them in your iPad  and other apple devices.

Here’s The Downside

New adaptor and Accessories

A controversial new adapter for the iPhone 5 which users will have to buy in order to continue using Apple accessories. The newer, slimline port means that thousands of current Apple accessories will need a new adapter to work with the phone and costs a bit extra too

The Price

Pricing for the different configurations is as follows: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB. Pre-orders start on September 14, and shipping begins on September 21.

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The Evolution Of Photoshop: A Graphic Design Visual

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