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Where is Your Keyword List? If You Don’t Have One…Read On!

If you are interested in marketing your business online, I’m sure that you have seen the surge in articles heralding the importance of generating original content in addition to having a solid content marketing strategy in place.

Having consistently updated content published on your site is crucial to getting more traffic from social media sites and search engines while creating a power of influence over your visitors.

I’m sure that this is where you might think we would start talking about how to write blogs and market them.  This is not the case.

What I want to talk about here is what you need to do BEFORE you put pen to paper (do people still do that?) and begin formulating your first blog.


keywordsWith all of the fervor over the power of content marketing, one aspect that I don’t think is stressed enough is the use of keywords when writing your content.  Keywords are how people will be able to find you, your business, your services and your products online when searching for you – plain and simple.

Keywords also help you target the RIGHT market that you want to attract to your business.

Above and beyond this, keywords can make your website a powerhouse in Google (as they play a crucial role in SEO) and when used throughout your marketing materials (offline and online) can create a continuity with your overall strategy.

I have a two step process for keywords – in order to keep it simple and to get you to begin to formulate your first list.

First, write down who your target consumer is.  Then write down what your key product/service offering is.   Now you will have a good idea […]

Are Your Marketing Glasses Out of Focus?

marketing-glassesWe have all been there, the job interview. Inevitably, the interviewer looks at you and says, “So, tell me a little bit about yourself” or “Tell me about some of the projects that you are most proud of”.

At this point, does your interview tend to go downhill? Even if you do not realize it, the answer is probably yes. Do you know the reason? It is more than likely because the interviewer is bored to death with what you are telling them.

What is the basic rule in marketing? You need to have control of the conversation in order to sell! You are selling yourself in the interview, so own it!

Before the chance is there to have someone ask you to tell them about yourself, look at them and say “I’d like to tell you a little about myself”. Now, you have control of the interview and you are focusing your marketing glasses on selling yourself. To read more about this technique, you can read this article. 

There are seven steps to selling as they apply to a successful job interview:

  1. Approach – Introduce yourself, smile, be engaged and interested in what the interviewer is saying and asking you. Use the interviewer’s name and develop a rapport.
  2. Qualification – This is the section where the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question typically occurs. The ideal response is “Mary, I would like to tell you about myself. However, first I would like to ask a couple of questions. Is that alright?” Now, ask smart questions (that you have prepared) and then assess if the position is right for you.
  3. Agreement on Need – A vital question, “What are some of […]