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Graphic and Web Design Competitions and Contests

If you are a graphic designer, web designer, or just plain creative you may be interested in checking out some design competitions to help showcase and recognize your artwork. Below is a few of the many design competitions and how you can be a part of it. It’s not only great for networking, and inspiration, but you never know where your next big opportunity awaits!

Harpers Wine and Spirit 2012 Design Awards

Harpers Wine and Spirit is calling for entries to its 2012, Design Awards. The awards are aimed at businesses that have recently re-designed or launched their drinks brand, or to agencies that represent a well-designed and innovative product.

The Design Guild Mark 2012

The Furniture Makers’ Company are calling for entries for The Design Guild Mark 2012. The Design Guild Mark rewards excellence in the design of furniture in volume production.

3D Printing Fashion Show at RAPID 2012

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is seeking entries to the inaugural 3D Printing Fashion Show to be held during the RAPID 2012 Conference and Exposition.

 International Graphics Review II Competition

The International Graphics Review II is an important cultural event organized by local actors from Romania having an international impact by offering the possibility for graphic artists to introduce themselves in.

London Festival Of Photography Prize 2012

The London Festival of Photography Prize is an opportunity for photographers to submit projects for inclusion in a world-class exhibition celebrating the annual festival theme. Each year the festival will explore.

HOW In-HOWse Design Awards

This highly selective and unique competition, sponsored by HOW magazine, recognizes outstanding creative work produced by individuals and groups within corporations, associations and organizations. HOW’s editorial.

Royal Photographic Society Print Competition

The Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition is the longest standing exhibition of its […]

Quick Tips That Businesses Use to Grow SEO

Creating an SEO friendly site is no longer a costly and extremely time consuming project of the past. Nowadays, most people are able to build up their business websites SEO rating proficiently all by themselves. Simply by taking 15 minutes out of your day you too can do a lot to the search engine optimization marketing success of your site.

Here are some great quick tips that you can do to grow your SEO!

Always design your web site considering SEO. Make sure your web designer and graphic designer understand SEO and what you hope to achieve from it. Remember Google Spiders can crawl text and content from pages, but it won’t pick up on Flash and images.

Optimize the text in your RSS feed just like you should with your posts and web pages. Use descriptive, keyword rich text in your title and description. So if you are a designer, use words like: graphics, web design, and marketing material.

Always use captions with your images. Same goes for newspaper and publication photos. Placing rich captions and bold keywords with your images helps build SEO.

Use absolute links. Not only will it make your on-site link navigation less prone to problems (like links to and from https pages), but if someone hides your content by error.

Use the words “image” or “picture” in your photo in the ALT descriptions and captions. Most search engines look for a keyword plus one of those words.

Add viral components and an RSS feed to your web site or blog – reviews, sharing functions, ratings, visitor comments, etc.

Use keywords and keyword phrases appropriately in text links, image ALT attributes and even your domain name.

Your URL file extension doesn’t matter. You can use .html, .htm, .asp, […]

Top Marketing Mistakes Businesses Can Avoid

As a graphic designer, we understand just how critical marketing is to the success of every business. Below you will find some of the most common marketing mistakes businesses make and the best ways to avoid making them.

Not Following A Marketing Plan:

Having a marketing plan and sticking to it is essential in the business world because it is the foundation of your business and it helps build and design your product and services. Not only that but it also works to identify your target audience, and provide a roadmap towards your companies success. But equally important, a marketing plan provides the specific details needed to increase revenue, grow your customer base, and provide the best service possible.

Not Developing A Marketing Budget:

Most businesses without a marketing plan are also the ones who lack developing a marketing budget. Without having a marketing budget these companies are setting themselves up for failure. If you own a small business, this can be avoided by simply creating and living with a well-conceived marketing budget.

Not Targeting a Specific Target Audience:

When it comes to sales and marketing identifying your target market is critical to your success. It is also crucial to deciding on the best marketing techniques for your business. If you offer a service or product for small businesses, stick to small business publications and mailing lists.

Not Having a Clear Marketing Messages:

Make it easy. Keep it simple. One clear message. You may offer a wide variety of products and services, but people want to able to relate your brand with a particular message, which builds brand recognition and grows your company.

Top cities for Graphic and Web Designers

There’s no questioning that New York City is the top city in the United States for graphic designer careers. And following closely behind them in second place comes Chicago. However, there are many top ranking cities in the United States that graphic design jobs flourish in.  These cities not only have inspirational sights and a growing community of people but also a high demand for our work. Although one of the best perks of being a graphic designer is the ability to work anywhere we go including our own home, most graphic designers still need to live near their clients. Graphic designers have many different options when it comes to locations and settings to work in. And according to this list, it might sway your decision on relocating for your next career opportunity.

1. New York, New York

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Los Angeles, California

4. Houston, Texas

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. Phoenix, Arizona

7. San Antonio, Texas

8. San Diego, California

9. Dallas, Texas

10. San Jose, California

11. Detroit, Michigan

12. Indianapolis, Indiana

13. Jacksonville, Florida

Great Sites For Stock Photos For Designers!

Having a striking design or website is a huge plus for your company and one of best ways to make it look more attractive is with high quality photos. Some people try to look for images directly from Google and take photos straight from the images results you get there. However this is not only bad business ethic but could get you into trouble with the copyright holders of the pictures you would use.

One of the most most common ways to find good quality images is by checking out stock photo websites. There’s so many to choose from and  they provide millions of pictures that you could use. Below is a list of some great sites to find images for your website, brouchures, and all the rest of you marketing collateral.

iStockPhoto – This was the pioneer of a new way of selling and providing great quality royalty free images to designers. They are probably still the top place where web designers go first when looking for that perfect image for your design. However, sometimes you just cannot seem to find that perfect image. In that case there are some other wonderful new stock houses that have popped up to fill the gap.

Flickr – This is one of the largest online photo sharing sites on the web. There’s an enormous mix of complete amateur pictures and professional photographer images. The administrative team at Flickr has over 50 employees managing the site constantly.  And another big plus is the site was recently purchased by Yahoo!

Fotolia – This is one of the oldest stock photo sites on the net. Their free section is quite good, but changes every day and the free photos that were there yesterday, […]

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