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Common Graphic Design Myths

As a graphic designer I am constantly surfing the web for inspiration, ideas, tutorials, and business opportunities. And each time I do this, I stumble upon some crazy exaggerated myth about graphic and web designers like “You never meet a graphic designer in person” or “All graphic designers own their own company”.  So whenever I find articles that always give me a good laugh I can’t resist sharing the link with friends. Well the other day I was looking for a new creative blog idea and I saw a caption that read, “Top Graphic Design Myths” and I just couldn’t help clicking the link to find out what kinds of myths, fables, and tall-tales would I be reading.

Click the link below to read some of the top myths about graphic designers and you decide which you thought were true and which are just completely False. So like the article says, I’m not sure where or when the rumors got started, or how they continue to grow, but it’s time that someone set the record straight. Enjoy!

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Important Things To Include On Your Business Website

Your website is one of your best marketing tools, and your website is a successful way to communicate your company’s message and services.

When visitors come to your website they are quick to decide whether to stay or go so you content information is an invaluable asset. If you are considering content for your web pages your graphic designer can help you bring your creative vision to life. Below are some vital things to include on your companies website to help bring in new clients and grow your business.

1. Build Your Brand with a Logo

Your small business website design is an excellent tool for brand building. If you have a logo, it should be large and easily recognizable on your home page and all of your other pages as well. If you don’t have a logo, you should get one immediately. Logos help to build familiarity, association, and reputation, and they are essential in developing your business’s identity.

2. Colors that are consistent with your brand

Often the color choices you’ve made for your logo will drive the design of your website. There are an unlimited number of color combinations available; a good way to determine what direction you want to take is to spend some time surfing around the web looking at sites that target the same audience you are going after, and make note of designs that strike your fancy. Keep in mind that selecting two or three different colors in varying shades will generate a better design.

3. Font and Text

There are so many exciting fonts out there, but fall victim to over usage! You can use creative fonts for your title, logo, and headings, but use a very simple, easy-to-read font for the bulk […]

Why WordPress Websites Will Work For You

There is a new buzz going around the world wide web and it’s all due to WordPress. WordPress is an “Open Source” software which allows it to be completely free for you to use. It can be used for any kind of personal or business website without have to pay a single cent to use it since it is built on PHP/MySQL and licensed under GPL. But not having to pay for it isn’t the only perk! Here are some great reasons to consider building your next website using WordPress!

User Friendly- You don’t really have to be an expert website programmer to use WordPress. It has a one-click easy installation and most hosting companies can provide the ability to install WordPress on your existing site. The site itself is easy to navigate and its makes adding articles/content to your website a simple task. Making changes is now something you can do on your own rather than dealing with a programmer to make costly changes.

SEO Friendly– Whenever your building a website you need to consider SEO. Search Engine Optimization is key to building your rating on the web and WordPress uses a variety functions which allow it to be search engine friendly. For example, you can add keywords into titles and tags, send ping to other sites, create categories, and tag your posts and pictures.

Themes Support– You will never run short of templates when using WordPress. If you don’t like the themes that come with the default installation of WordPress, you can find a huge library of free themes that you can download and use for your website. There are themes which can even make your website look like a regular site instead of a blog. Try […]

Social Media Marketing

With advanced technology, instant accessibility and computer user experience social media sites have made marketing around the world not only simple, but also possible. Social media sites help you spread your message to millions of users by just the click of a button. This not only builds brand recognition but also helps to build up clientele and connect with larger companies who also promote their products and services online.

Here is a list of some top social media sites you should be marketing your business on if your not doing so already.

Facebook– This site is a popular fast-growing online site that allows you to brand and personalize your site to enhance the users experience. With the help of notifications and the convenient and simple platform it allows the easily communicate. You can now even access FaceBook with your cell phone, which is a growing phenomenon among social media apps. Users can share opinions, join groups, hold events and participate in contests.

Definitely great brand exposure. Users are able to view the important information they need to get to know who you are. Advertising on FaceBook could also increase your brand awareness within your target audience.

LinkedIn– LinkedIn’s philosophy is that building relationships is a valuable asset, and LinkedIn serves to help businesses build and market to their new connections. This gives professionals an advantage to be more successful and productive in their careers by leveraging on a professional and trusted network.

This site is a great site for branding your identity for both individuals and big companies. Users can get themselves connected to a people in the same field of work and industry to build up their social network.

MySpace– Here you can find a large and distinct audience […]

Top Graphic Design Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid

A blog can be an extremely helpful tool for your business if you use it the right way. It can direct viewers to your website, showcase your new products and services, and help grow new customers and revenue. Making sure your blog is helping you and not actually hurting you is a simple task as long as you avoid some commonly seen blogging mistakes. Here is a list of some mistakes I’ve seen as a graphic design blogger and how you can avoid making the same mistake twice like Help your blog to be successful by avoiding these top 4 blogging mistakes:

Random Blogging –The most successful blogs put out new content two to three times a week and usually remain on a consistent schedule. (Tip: Want to publish 10 new blog posts a month? Write them ahead of time and set them to publish throughout the month)

Talking With a Business Voice – Blogs are meant to be personal, so don’t use it as a place to put press releases or to blatantly promote yourself. Write in a casual tone and write about things other than your main business. (Talk about your industry in general, provide tips & tricks you’ve learned over the years, share work day insights, etc.)

Making New Content Hard to Find – If your blog is hard to find, then it won’t get the reach you need and want. Make sure the readers will be able to find new content easily. (Have a link to the blog on your website, use social media sites like Facebook & Twitter to promote blog entries, and use SEO rich content that makes sense)

Not Engaging Readers – Blogs are meant to ignite conversation. If your content […]

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Web and Graphic Design Trends in 2012

On an average, a web user spends about 10 second on the page. So the message should be communicate instantaneously making an impact as soon as the page is viewed. The same goes with any printed marketing collateral. Design trends for 2012 are bold, flashy, and designed to grab audience attention. Textual content, pictures, electronic marketing and entertaining components are big trends being used by web developers and graphic designers this year. Here are a few design trends that will be popular in 2012.

1. Colors

Bright colors and shades of red, blue and green are being used on the web instead of neutrals basic colors. Saturated rainbow hues that captivate interest are a must. Playing with large blocks of color is a trend popping up in ads all over the place.

2. Typography

Large printed text and a variety of font sizes are appearing more and more to grab a viewers attention. Textured fonts with depth, 3D effect, gradients, transparency and shadows are a must on websites and printed materials. Information presented in a visual medium has always been more efficient than just plain text. The trend of including informative graphics to present information in websites has been has been kicked into high gear in 2012.

Minimalist Designs

Simplicity has always been stressed upon. Simple graphics paired with striking composition always produces appealing results. However, creating simple designs is very tough as the designer has to communicate the right message using the least number of elements. As the main objective of any website is to guide the visitor or provide information, it is best to keep them minimalist and organized. Minimalist design has been very popular for the past couple of years. I can certainly appreciate a clean, crisp […]