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Top New Year Resolutions for Graphic Designers!

As a new year approaches many people take time to look back on the previous year and reflect on what they would do differently this coming year. Well as a graphic designer one of the things I always say I’m going to do better is taking my design skills to the next level by expanding my overall knowledge and growing my clientele. But why stop with just the one resolution. Why not go for as many as you can! Here is a list of the top New Years resolutions for graphic designers to consider for 2012!

Expand your Design Skills:

In order for a graphic designer to grow their businesses and stay on top of their competition you need to expand your design skills. Many designers prefer sticking to their comfort zones. However, by taking courses, online tutorials, and researching new ideas so you can broaden your horizon and make you a more successful designer.

Keep your workspace clean

I tell myself this every year and this should be a simple task. By keeping your desk organized and clean you will stay on top of your projects and get more done in less time. Same goes with your workspace on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Keep your tools where you need them and create templates to help keep your day well-structured. Regardless of how you like to keep your workspace, there’s no doubt that being organized in some way is beneficial.

Work on stuff outside your comfort zone

This is sometimes easier said than done. But by stepping up to the challenge and working outside your comfort zone can really benefit you I the long run. Work on a design that you never thought you’d do. Take on a job that […]

Graphic Design Services You Can’t Be Without

When it comes to your companies marketing needs you want to work with a company that has all the best services to help grow your business. The top graphic design agencies can offer you more than just a few items to get you going. You want someone who can give you a professional, standout new look to help drive customers and revenue. At Moonstruck Marketing Group we offer a wide variety of graphic design and advertising services. We also provide website design, corporate identity packages, and printing services for all your marketing needs.

Corporate Identity and Logo Design

Corporate Identity and logo design target to deliver your business message through an image, symbol or mark. The corporate identity creates an impression of the company without a single descriptive term.

Web Design

Our website design services are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. From small starter websites to full database driven e-commerce solutions, we provide beautiful web design solutions that are built to meet your marketing and communication needs.

Brochure and flyer

Brochure and flyer design have a vital role in any marketing campaign. They should attract people eyes and be impactful. If the brochure or the flyer is easy to scan and offer a strong value many people will look to you for their next project needs.

Business card design

Business card introduces your company and what you do to prospective clients and other invaluable business connections. So it is very important marketing tool. We can customize your cards for your brand and help get your name out there.

Print Services

There’s a science behind getting great looking printed material, especially at great prices. We have partnered with select print vendors who were chosen for their high quality service and competitive pricing.

Top Way to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Let’s face it, sometimes searching for new clients in a competitive market is tough, so most of us graphic and web designers tend to build strong, long-term relationships with clients which gives us continuous work rather than always searching out for new work and clients. There are several ways you can build up your clientele base but here are some great tips on retaining them for the long-haul.

Finding The Right Clients

First, one of the best ways to keep a strong relationship with a client is by finding the right ones to work with. This is done by knowing your target market and reaching out to those people. By being active on networking and interacting and staying in touch with your customers they will always keep you in mind.

Ongoing Design Needs

In order for a client to become a long-term client, they need to have ongoing needs for your services. So by making sure you have ongoing advertising, great offers and promotions, and package deals your customers will turn to you for their next business project. Many of the times they don’t get to know about the offers that you have so by mentioning it, your clients will always return to your website to check out any new offers you may have.

Go The Extra Mile

Customers are always looking for best value for their money. If you offer them an excellent service and go out of your way to ensure that your customers are happy, they will always come back to your site for more. This will also encourage them to tell others about your site and service, which will bring you new customers. Like they say “the best form of advertising is word of mouth.”

Maintain Consistent Quality […]

Top Tools and Apps for Graphic Designers

Here are some of the latest tools and apps that can help Graphic designers, freelance designers, web designers and others utilize to maximize their marketing and design potential.

-Basecamp: This is a great online software package that makes project management and collaboration easy. This software system is accessed and managed entirely online, so none of the software or data is actually stored on your computer. You can share the project management with your clients or an entire company.

-MailChimp: This is a great site for email marketing and the best advantage of this site is that is it completely free. MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use like paypal, and track your results. It even helps you design beautiful HTML coded email blasts.

-FreshBooks: FreshBooks helps you keep your time and expenses organized, send professional branded invoices, and even collect online payments by credit card, PayPal, or eCheck. That will save you time, impress your clients, and get you paid faster. Over 800,000 professionals have used this site, and you can try it for free.

-StockLayouts: Get templates for stationery, brochures, and more starting at $1.33 with membership. There are also free samples under the trial section.

-Fotolia: One of the top rated photo image site with a huge library of royalty-free images. There are millions of photos, videos, and stock vector pictures to choose from.

-Flickr: Another photo sharing site from amateur to professional photographers. They also have millions of royalty free stock photos to choose from. Learn more about membership, or you can get some photos for free.

-1001 Free Fonts: Here you can find a large collection of fonts available to preview before you buy, regardless if you’re […]

Top Business Online Marketing Tips and Tactics for Cyber Shopping!

Black Friday is known as one of the busiest shopping days in the United States totaling well over $50 billion in sales and seeing a whopping 226 million customers in the doors. But in recent years with all the best online deals on the Internet it’s no wonder why 83% of consumers say they prefer shopping online over visiting crowded stores during Black Friday. Cyber Monday has given Black Friday a run for the money.

And a new study shows that 65% of online shoppers to search out products and buying well before Cyber Monday.  So it is a must for top companies to market their produce and services early. Here are some top tips and tactics companies are using to market themselves this season:

HTML Email Campaigns:

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and boost revenue sales. Not only is it more cost efficient versus direct mail campaigns but you can reach out to a larger demographic of people around your area and increase the payoff. Have a graphic designer create an email blast for you promoting all your deals with large pictures, graphics and bold fonts.

Make your Mark on Your Website:

What better place to promote your business than on your website. Use this space to let your viewers now when the best time to buy is. Placing digital coupons on your homepage is a must this year. 51% of will use online discounts and coupons according to a recent 2011 survey.

Utilize Social Media Outlets:

Facebook and Twitter are turning out to be the top spots to hear about holiday savings and discounts. With the ability to communicate with millions of consumers why wouldn’t you want to market yourselves on social […]