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Top Marketing Trends to Follow

As technology continues to move faster than the speed of light it is important for businesses to develop new and more technical ways to market their companies. Although print media is still a very important and effective way to market your company, using the web to drive customer traffic and promote your products and services is the latest marketing trends. Here are some great marketing trends to follow to help grow your business.

QR Codes

2011 has seen a huge increase in the use of QR codes on everything from advertising campaigns to websites. A QR code is similar to a barcode that stores business information that can be read by smart devices to market your company. QR codes are made for quickly and easily linking to web content on smartphones so coupons, sales and news can be viewed wirelessly. We can expect to see a lot more QR codes in 2012!

Video Advertising

Marketing videos comes in many shapes and forms. Most people think of YouTube as the sole source of online video sharing. However, with cameras hooked up to our computers we are able to comminute with our consumers to promote online events, video newsletters, and even video presentations about your business and services. If you’re not learning about how to use video to grow your business online, it’s time to get started

Social Marketing

Social media sites are one of the top trends to market your business. By 2012, Facebook will reach 1 billion members, which is one quarter of the world’s population as members on one web site.  So if you don’t have a Facebook page, now is the time to get one.  Social media are not just for college kids and teens, but now   businesses […]

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Why WordPress Will Work For Your Business Website

Let’s face it, building a website can be a tricky thing especially if you don’t really know exactly what your doing. So one of the main reasons why I love WordPress sites is that not only does it make websites easy to build, but it’s simple to manage and my clients can make changes to it without needing hours and hours of training. WordPress was designed to make the management of your site easy and that is exactly what it does. Because it’s so easy to use it has climbed to the top of the ladder and there are now over 20 million websites that that are WordPress based. WordPress websites have endless capabilities that allow you to take a simple website and turn it into a dynamic site to showcase your business.

Here are some of the top reasons why WordPress is the best choice for your next business website.

-You can run different themes on WordPress sites

-You can run different plugins, or mix & match plugins among WordPress sites

-It is possible, with the use of the WordPress Domain plugin , to run your WordPress blogs on separate domain names

-WordPress has an extremely powerful and easy-to-use content management system.

-WordPress can be run on multiple servers if needed or integrated with a content delivery network if you have high amounts of traffic or a particularly large website.

-WordPress has a few ways to manage your workflow needs, including private pages that you must be logged in to see and password protected pages and draft pages.

-Although WordPress was originally designed as a simple blogging platform that only had posts and pages, you can now use it to run fully functional dynamic sites.

So if you are looking into setting […]

Benefits of Having an Office For Your New Business

With home-based offices being set up all across the world, working from home is no longer a thing of the past. And it’s no wonder why there are because working from home can be convenient, enjoyable and cost effective. However, there are some challenges you may face that are not easy to avoid. Colleagues and peers help in keeping the creative spirit alive and enhance the overall productivity. Going to office is a great way to get away from the stress at home and vice versa but if office is at home then there might be no escaping the stress. After weighing the pros and cons you may find that having an office to go to can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Here are some of the beneficial reasons you should consider moving your home based business to an office building.

-Businesses that are home-based are sometimes seen as not well established and if your business address is actually on the business side of town your clients will find you more credible.

-Since there are fewer distractions at the office, i.e. no T.V., pets, kids, noise, you will have an increased focus and more productivity. Most people who work from an office say they are able to accomplish more than by working from home.

-Motivation can be difficult to retain while working from home, so it’s nice to have your colleagues around and bounce ideas off each other.

-Most people do not like bringing clients to their homes so by having an office you have access to a boardroom or quiet office space for private meetings and presentations for your clients.

-Difficulty in keeping a set schedule and/or routine is also a challenge you may face working from home. […]

Top Reasons to Use the Use Apple’s new Siri Feature

The new iPhone 4S has a new feature that is getting all the hype and it’s called Siri. Siri is the new digital assistant that comes with the smartest new gadget and allows you to actually speak your commands or questions and she responds with answers just as an assistant would. Whether your looking for a bank or how long it takes to drive to Chicago, she will not only provide you with the correct information but goes the extras mile to make sure she has for filled your request.

Here are some of the things you can say or ask Siri that will make your life easier every day!

Send Quick Text Messages– “Tell My graphic designer I am leaving for the office.” “Tell Kim Patterson, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

Get Directions– “How do I get to Moonstruck Marketing Group?” “Get me directions to the Tampa.”

Set Alarms and Timers– “Wake me up at 7AM tomorrow.” “Set a timer for 30 minutes.”

Create Reminders– “Remind me tomorrow to call the printer.” “Remind me every Wednesday at 7AM to call my client about the logo design.”

 Call people – “Call my Husband.” “Call Kim at Work”

Get Info From Your Phone – “What is Tom’s Mobile #?” “When is Susie’s birthday?”

Calendar Queries– “I am free on Saturday?” “What appointments do I have on Thursday?”

Look Up the Time and Weather– “What is the weather in San Francisco for Tuesday?” “What time is it in Greece?”

Search the Web – “Who do I contact for web design?” “How much does a custom logo cost?

Simple Commands – “Turn my Alarm off.” “Make a note: I parked in the green lot, row C4.”