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Why All Graphic Designers Should Use Twitter

I remember when Twitter first hit the web’s social scene and never did I imagine how fast it would take over. Until recently I never considered Twitter as a serious marketing tool and instead thought of it as Hollywood’s celebrity center for sharing life stories to the entire wide world.  It seemed like Twitter was popping up in almost every conversation, with questions and comments like “Did you hear what Justin Timberlake “tweeted” and “I can’t believe Rihanna is still “following” Chris Brown on Twitter. However, Twitter can not only help a graphic designer promote their work and create new business contacts but can also be a huge advantage to growing a graphic design business.

For all you graphic designers, digital artists, and web designers/developers who haven’t jumped on the Twitter train, here are some reasons why it can be a huge asset to be part of the “Twitterverse”.

Easy Promotion and Exposure: This has to be one of the best reasons for joining Twitter. There are over 175 million people on Twitter and they are just a click away from seeing your latest design project, hearing about your latest press release, or seeing your newest website simply by posting it. It can even be a more beneficial way of driving traffic to your website than having a digital portfolio since you can use it to capture your followers attention and direct them to your site. For designers this comes in the form of letting people know about your new projects, where you have been featured, or even to team up with other creative souls like yourself. The more followers you have the better.

Social Networking: If you’re looking for a place to find Fortune […]

Using Typography to Enhance you Graphic Design Work

Typography is the art of print.  We are surrounded by it every day.  Typography includes anything in print; from books to public journals, posters to newspaper and just about anything else in between.  It’s a combination between communication and artistic elements that creates a print that is pleasing and easy to interpret.

Typography must have clear communication and good design.  Some fonts that are too small or pixelated or anything in the print that makes the item hard to read is not good typography. A successful usage of typography for a graphic design project is clear and legible. It not only adds to the message but also visually enhances the overall look of the project. Graphic designers work to achieve this by selecting the right fonts, the right lettering and the right print types.

Also taken into consideration is that the right lettering design has to be correctly chosen so that it will convey the indented purpose of the print. For example, wedding invitations usually have elegant and classic print because it is a celebrated occasion to announce, while newspaper’s usually have a straightforward, black font prints, because it is a more serious source of news and facts.

Typography, as said before, surrounds us every day. It is what gives us information, pleasure, enjoyment, greeting and announcements.  Anything and everything can be created in print by the use of typography.


Grow your business with Google’s Plus 1

If you are one of the millions of people who search using Google each day, you may have noticed something that wasn’t there before. As you hover over the top sites recommended by Google, you’ll see a +1 icon appear next to it. So what exactly is this new Plus 1 thing all about?

Plus 1 was designed as a social media tool that works very similar to Facebook’s “Like” Button, which allows people to rate their favorite sites by simply clicking the +1 button. Google can then calculate the number of Plus 1 a site has and determine what content is most relevant to a person. In other words the +1 button is basically a quick way of saying “I like this website” and “you should check this website out.”

In order to see the Plus 1 button in the search results you will have to have a Google account such as Gmail and logged in to make the Plus 1 icon visible to you. As the people in your Google contact list begin to click the +1 button on their favorite sites you will automatically see who liked what site by looking at the Plus 1 button next to the url. Google will then suggest that site to you in your search results. For example, if you are looking for a graphic designer, web design, or a creative design agency Google will provide you with results that people you know trust and recommend because they “Plus 1’nd” that site.

Before Plus 1, Google ranked sites by specific criteria such as the number of views it receives, the length the website has been around, and the relevance of content. Google will still […]

How your Freelance Graphic Designer can help Brand your Business

Jeff Bezos once said, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. No matter the size, every successful business is grounded on a recognizable, appealing and unique brand.  What branding does is it creates a mental link where people can associate a product or service with that brand. Having a unique and recognizable brand is the key to the success of any business undertaking. Not only is branding the company’s symbol, it is also the company’s face to the world; thus, a business without a brand is a business without a face.

For instance, when most people think of coffee they think of Starbucks. With stores scattered on nearly every street corner, name recognition has played a vital role in this coffee giant’s success.

By delivering your message clearly through branding, customers become clients. Creating credibility is important to any business.  Creating a connection between the product and the clientele is also a result of branding. And finally branding helps motivates buyers. By developing a connection between products and clients, the brand can be a good motivator for clients to continue to purchase products and/or services.

With regard to branding we have to take into account the internet. Several studies have determined that approximately 80 percent of all internet sessions begin with a search. Therefore, in order to increase your brand awareness, you must take the steps necessary to rank well on search engines. Recent research indicates that users click on first page search engine results 62 percent of the time and on the results within the first 3 pages 90 percent of the time. These statistics make it abundantly clear how important it is […]