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Did your Graphic Designer add Google Analytics to your website?

We all know how crucial a website is for any business in today’s market. If you don’t have a website, well, your potential customers may have better luck finding a needle in a haystack than finding your business. Your website tells your customers important information about you, such as what service you offer, how they can contact you, and what makes you the best choice for them. Since a website tells your customers about you, why can’t your website tell you something about your customers. Well luckily it can and does through website analytic trackers such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics a service offered by Google that helps you track and monitor the traffic that is coming to your site. Not only is this a free tool but it generates detailed reports showing you the statistics about the visitors to your website.

Google originally designed this product for people to do market research on their websites versus providing it as a tool for webmasters and programmers. It is by far the most commonly used website statistic tracking service on the web and in fact Google Analytics is used at around 50% of the top 1,000,000 websites. There are many components of your sites data that can be analyzed that can help you answer these types of questions: How many people are coming to my site? How long are they staying on my page? How are they finding my website? What are they looking for? Which pages are most popular? Was that big redesign worth the money?  Finding the answer to these questions can be a valuable tool for your business. It can also help direct you in the right […]

Why Should I Use WordPress for my Business Website

There was once a time when creating a functional website was a job left to the professionals. Most small businesses would have to hire a web designer/programmer to develop a site for them, which usually will cost quite a bit of money depending on the amount of time spent. And then after all that, if they wanted to change or add new content they would have to contact the programmer to make the needed changes and trust me those changes aren’t done for free.

Well luckily for the “not-so technical” people there is now a web building platform called WordPress” that can help any business owner start up an easy-to-use website and the best part is that it’s free! WordPress was originally designed to use as a blog site, and many people today think that’s all it can be used for. However, that is hardly the truth today. With just a few alterations it can be used to run your website, with or without a “blog.”

WordPress has become more and more popular as a web-building tool due to its powerful Content Management System that allows you to control all the content on your site with just a click of the mouse. You can add your own photos, add new press releases, show off your services, and completely customize the look so it represents your brand. Since the WordPress interface is web-based, creating and editing pages can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection. So forget about going back and forth with a programmer and no need to shell out the extra cash. There are many reasons why you should use WordPress for your small business website and here are just a few top reasons.

User-friendly: […]