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Marketing and Advertising Success

Business success relies heavily on marketing and advertising.  Developing marketing collateral is an important component of marketing and advertising. Brochures demonstrate and represent a business’s brand and offer potential customers the opportunity and ability to see what you do and the services and goods you can provide for them. Whether you are running a small business from home or a large company, you will find that you will always have a need for brochures and other marketing collateral.

When deciding on a brochure for your business it is best to work with a professional designer.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Consider the fact that a brochure is going to be one of your biggest investments in representing and getting the message out to potential customers. Working with a professional designer will ensure that you get the message out in the best way possible.

What should you expect from a professional designer when it comes to designing your brochures?

  • They will suggest the right size/folding combination
  • They will help you decide on color or black and white.  Color printing is more expensive than black and white printing, however, there is usually a discount for a large order. Black and white brochures can sometimes be just as effective. Your designer can help you with this.
  • They will help you choose the right paper.  High quality printing paper is always the best. The designer will make recommendations on what they think is the best option for you.
  • Your designer will find the fastest way to say the important things about your business. No one wants to read lots of wording that means little.
  • Regardless of what your business does, your brochure should contain some type of graphic or image.  Deciding on […]

Logos and Branding Power

“I want to build a brand for my business…all I need is a logo.” This is the common misconception running in the minds of many clients who are looking to brand their business. They misconstrue a brand for a mere symbol, logo or a trademark used on a signboard outside the company gate. However the reality is otherwise. The logo designing is just a minor part of entire branding process.  It’s an important part but not the total part. A brand is what separates large corporate giants from their small scale competitors. So depending on what your goals are, you might consider logo design and branding.

Picture this…you have never heard of McDonald’s before (just assume for a moment). You are unaware of the corporation and what it has to offer to you. Now imagine… if you pass by a ‘Golden arches’ logo in an ad or a billboard, would you be amazed by it? Certainly not I presume? Now coming back to reality, since famous brands like McDonalds has actively communicated their logo and established its connection with the company, which is why you have a strong awareness about it. That strong perception created in the minds of customers is the brand that has been established. And the logo certainly helps.

This is the biggest fallacy of branding made by many business owners and entrepreneurs. Brand is not just a mark or a symbol that you put on your company sign board. On the contrary, a brand leaves a mark on your customer that is eternal and everlasting. And this does begin with the Logo.

Another major distinction between a logo and a brand […]

Tips for Designing a Book Cover

The book writing is all complete. The manuscript is in form and ready to go. Now all you need to do is hire a graphic designer to design your book cover. We are the ones to do it for you. Let’s look at some tips to getting your book cover designed.

  • Get it Done Right the First Time – This means having it created based on the format that your graphic designer suggests.  Whether you want it on a photo or a design, be clear and make sure it is understood what you want to be created and designed. Be concise and clear with the graphic designer.
  • Be Careful About Using Photos – This means you want to use photos that you own the copyright too.  If you use stock photos you may run into all sorts of infringement rights. It’s something that in the future could come back to haunt you. Plus you want to own all copyrights to your book cover as well as your book.
  • Protect Yourself from Intellectual Property Issues – This means don’t use graphics that are not originally designed and signed over to you as ownership. It also refers to the photos discussed above.
  • Don’t Even Consider Doing it Yourself – Do it yourself software is a no no.  Bad idea. Amateur graphic design may be fun but if you are serious about promoting your book then you need to hire a professional.
  • Stay Within Your Budget – Designing a book cover can be a very complex endeavor. Try to work with your graphic designer and design a cover that is both pleasing but within your budget.  There are […]

Eco-Friendly Graphic Design

In today’s day in age it’s all about the GREEN, and I don’t mean money. It seems as though the old days of using countless plastic bags and printing paper receipts are on their way out and being an eco-friendly consumer is on the rise. Many businesses are following in the Go Green trend that is not only an economic choice but also a smart business move. And a majority of this new movement is due to computers and the internet, which has played a vital role in spreading the green message to others through social networks, blogs, and the material people are choosing to print on. Here are some top reasons for your business to Go Green!

Help protect the Environment: By reducing, reusing, and recycling your not only helping the environment from future damage but also maintaining our natural resources. It’s not just a trend it’s the right thing to do.

It saves a lot of money: Every year businesses waste millions of dollars on materials that materials that weren’t being used. Nowadays, coming off looking eco-fresh it isn’t only more attractive but cheaper too. Plus, the government offers company’s big tax breaks that decide to go green, saving you big dollars.

Develop your brand: By going green you have the advantage to develop your business brand. This positive association will remind clients about your business when they think about environmental issues and tell others about you.

Improved brand reputation: Just look at the damage was done to the BP brand after the damage they did on the environment. Consumers are attracted to companies who are working to use technology to make business more efficient while being eco-conscious at the same time.

Attract eco-consumers and drive […]

What Graphic Designers need to know about Copyrights

So the other day I stumbled upon an article about the highly anticipated movie, The Hangover 2, which I just couldn’t resist reading. Apparently, the tattoo artist who designed and tattooed Mike Tyson’s face back in 2003 is attempting to sue Warner Bros. over the copyright infringement of his famous work. The tattoo not only appears on one of the characters face for the majority of the movie but since it is on the movie posters, ads, and other marketing material, this tattoo artist is looking to take Warner Bros. for all that they’re worth. The tattoo artist claims that he owns the copyright to the tattoo and was never contacted for permission or credited for using it in the film.  This goes to show you just how careful you have to be when using someone else’s design, photo, or artwork and why you need to know basic copyright laws and regulations so you don’t find yourself behind bars. As a blogger, you need to know the copyright laws, where to find pictures to use, and how to properly give credit where credit is due.

So basically copyright laws were created to help protect original designed works including photos, drawings, graphics and other images displayed on the web. However, many people aren’t aware or truly understand the copyright laws on the Internet and often images are used illegally. Here’s what you should know about the copyright laws.


Basic Copyright Law

-A copyright becomes valid when the original work is created and used in some form of display like posting an image on your blog.

– Copyrights give the original creator the right to present, sell, replicate, […]

Re-Branding your Brand

When a company realizes its branding just isn’t working it becomes hard to return to what made it successful and people love it in the first place.  But to re-brand your company successfully is a quite another journey in itself.

This happened to Walmart. Walmart is America’s largest retailer and these days the company is learning about successful branding all over again. Currently it is going through one of  the worst U.S. sales slumps ever and the CEO’s realize they need to return to what made them successful in the beginning.

When asked, the executives admit that they made a bad move when they moved away from its roots as a basic retailer for value priced merchandise and moved into moving into upscale merchandise.

Walmart realized that their core business, Americans with annual incomes between $30,000 and $70,000 liked to shop for attractively priced merchandise. But Walmart decided a year and a half ago to go to “Project Impact” which meant they moved into selling more upscale merchandise. But not knowing how to market to your key audience is a big mistake most companies can’t afford to make.

The result, the worst sales plunges ever for the company.

So what is the company doing about it now? They are returning to their original branding, “Everyday Low Prices” formula that made them successful and powered their sales growth. They are rebranding back to the formula that worked prior and advertising as such against their competitors.

And it’s working. New York City is asking for a Walmart in the middle of the city.  They like the idea of “Everyday Low Prices.”

Has your business or company abandoned its original branding for a new one that is not working?  Then it’s time […]